Dear President Ahmadinejad...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a lengthy letter to the American people Wednesday, addressing "Noble Americans" and urging unity with Iran in spite of what the U.S. government says and does.

The letter was released in New York on Wednesday and seems to be an attempt by the controversial Iranian president to circumvent the Bush administration to directly reach Americans. Read more.

After you read President Ahmadinejad's letter, here's your chance to send a reply, YOUR open letter to him, the president of Iran.

Send your letter to, and we will post them as they come in.

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Not all American's are blind to your true intent. You believe yourself to be a disciple of Allah who is helping to bring about the return of the Madhi and his Black Flag army. Your attainment of a nuclear weapon is your means to this end. You and your Islamic followers will not rest until Israel is destroyed and the Madhi has returned as Caliph to rule a worldwide Sharia law government. You and your religion are not synonymous with peace and compassion. You are man consumed with the desire to force Islam upon all who do not voluntarily convert. You are filled with hatred towards all of those who do not subscribe to your religion. I know who you are.

— Jose (Miami, FL)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

I find it hard to believe that you are preaching peace when your government fundamentally supports terrorism. By restricting open education of your masses, including women, free speech, free press, and free religion your regime allows radical clerics to preach their form of how the west hates Iran and Islam. By restricting those freedoms, you inherently let those teachers, clerics, to preach hate, death, and condone killing in the name of Allah.

— Kevin (Houston, TX)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

You are fortunate that we are a temperate nation that would rather use diplomacy rather than force. We could, if we wanted to, vaporize your entire country in the blink of an eye, but we don't. Never underestimate the United States. We will only be pushed so far. You have no credibility in the world arena. Neither do your friends like Chavez and the creep from North Korea.

— Greg (Mattoon, IL)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

We Americans are what you say we are in your letter. I wish I could say the same for you. You accuse the administration of certain activities, but what makes you any different. Your administration supplies the tools to kill Iraqi people and American soldiers. You speak of freedom, human dignity and integrity you should look in your own back yard. The U.S. military in Iraq has been trying to help the people rebuild, but with your help, the terrorists are able to slow down our progress. Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are country clubs compare to what you and your so-called clerics do to your own people. Would you open your jails to the world? Our image in the world can be as tarnished as you may wish it to be, but ask those who the United States of America supports if we are tarnished. The American people did speak in our elections, there are those that think we should cut and run. That is what you would want, right? You support those that say that we should leave Iraq because it would leave that country in turmoil so you can step in. It would be the same thing that happens to South Vietnam once the U.S. pulled out the North Vietnamese invaded. Mahmoud, keep your letter.

— Israel

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

If we did not know your history, nor understand your intent, it would be easy to fall for your rhetoric and believe that you are indeed a kind and fair leader of your country. However, since we do know a great deal about you based on your own words, and since you are fostering terrorism around the world, we can only believe that your letter means absolutely nothing. You speak of God and peace, but you kill innocents on a daily basis. How secure do any of your own people feel? So, thank you for your letter, but you don't need to wait for us "noble Americans" to believe a single word of it. You need to clean your own house before you worry about ours.

— Diane (North Carolina)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

You have made several mistakes in your letter to the people of the United States. The first is that you imagine Americans to be a homogenous whole, our attitudes reflected by the nation's liberal media. As a public speaker on Islam in the U.S., I find fewer and fewer people who adopt a "politically correct" stance on issues concerning Iran, militant Islam, and terrorist-supporting nations. I know the leader of a spiritual dictatorship could not grasp that. To end your letter focusing on Israel makes it a cliché that only evokes a response of disgust. Your letter was merely a forum in which to sound off your hatred for a people that has never done anything to you or your country. Don't try to place us in your world. We don't want anything like what we see you offering your people. You were right, we are pained by the sufferings and afflictions in the world, but most of those sufferings and afflictions today are coming from the deeds of militant Islam. Please don't patronize us!

— Ron (Arlington, TX)

Mr. President,

I regret that your letter did not include an apology/explanation for your participation in the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran and keeping Americans hostage for 444 days. Is that typical Iranian hospitality?

— Brian

President Ahmadinejad,

Please take a look at your own country before you criticize mine. If given the opportunity, millions of Iranians would leave your wonderful country tomorrow to come to the United States. That should leave you with a few hundred like-minded clones to oppress and terrorize.

Have a nice hate-America day. If there is evil in this world, it is personified by YOU and your corrupt, terrorist regime.

— Joe (Springerville, AZ)

Mahmoud, dude!

First, everything you said about the American people is very true. I'm glad you understand our hearts. What you fail to understand is that "we the people" are also the American government. Our government's policy is guided by our hearts. That is why "we the people" do what we can to protect and promote individual freedoms around the world. We mainly try to contain idiots like you, who spread hate and death in the name of God or some type of political ideology that makes slaves of men and women. So get a clue you big jerk! "We the people" fully intend to bring individual freedom to your land as well. It's what good-hearted people do.

Later, Dude.

— Prentice (Stanford, KY)

Yo! President of Iran,

Nice letter. I'm glad you're thinking of us lowly servants of our tyrannical government. You no doubt have heard of Hollywood and have seen some of our movies. "Sleepless in Seattle" comes to mind, or "Clueless." In your case, based on your sincere letter, you could star in one sequel to both. That is, "Clueless in Iran"

I don't agree with President Bush about not letting you have nuclear weapons. I think you should. But, our government, in addition to those countries that presently have nuclear capabilities, should tell you that the first time you use your weapon or a terrorist does, that the next bright light you see will be your last!

— P.C.N. (Bloomfield, NM)

Dear President Ahmadinejad:

You use pretty words, but they are empty and meaningless. You are a man filled with hatred and evil and your lies fall on deaf ears. Only a fool would believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

— Eileen

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

If you were a man of integrity, if your nation possessed the attributes of justice, liberty, and equality, you and the Ayatollahs would know that the United States of America is not the great Satan, George Bush is not evil, and our government exists only by the will of the people. When you quit teaching your children to hate, quit supporting Islamic terrorism, and stop your own inflammatory rhetoric, we may recognize yours as a free and peaceful nation like the United States, honoring in principle and in practice that which is good for all people, in all places, and in all times.

— Rolfe (Saegertown, PA)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Have the last few years of political turmoil in the U.S. taught you nothing? Could your own people speak out and condemn your actions and those of your religious leaders as Americans have without fearing for their lives? Could they peacefully remove you from power as the Republican Party has just been removed? I think not. And your talk of freedom is insulting to anyone who truly holds freedom dear. You know nothing of freedom. Your desire is to enforce your beliefs on everyone. This is not freedom. Keep your offers and your rhetoric to yourself. We're not interested.

— Kris (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Thank you for realizing that we are, indeed, "Noble Americans." We want peace, equality, and freedom of speech for everyone. We are willing to fight for it, even to die for it. We boldly show our brave faces in combat, proudly wearing the uniform of democracy and freedom. You, on the other hand, wish destruction on God's people, and deny equality to many and freedom of speech to all. You support fighters who, like the cowards they are, hide in the shadows to attack innocents at opportune moments, only to retreat into the shadows when faced with the brave soldiers of the Coalition forces. You, sir, are not noble and do not have the right to count yourself among the ranks of those of us who are.

— Carol (Robbins, NC)

Dear President Ahmadinejad:

Unfortunately for you, you fail to understand the American psyche. We tolerate a certain amount of international strife as ongoing differences among sovereign nations. But beware, Mr. President, we have a "Pearl Harbor" mentality and when we finally realize a clear and present threat to our existence we react with unified determination! You would do well not to disguise your true ambition of becoming the leader of a worldwide Jihad, with a letter to us, which insults our intelligence. You would do well not to wake this sleeping giant. We have in the past, and will in the future, do what is necessary to protect our nation, its people and our way of life. Never doubt it!

— Rudy

Dear President Ahmadinejad:

I have read your letter to the American people. I am disheartened that after our government has invested so much time and money into Iraq, you have repaid us so poorly. How dare you? Perhaps we should 'cut and run' and then if you have need for help, ask the Taliban!

— Susan

Dear President Ahmadinejad:

You don't fool us, you are behind all the terror and you are the most evil man in the world at this time. Not all Americans are stupid enough to believe you; the truth will soon surface for all of us. You will not win!

— A.J. (Philadelphia, PA)

Dear Mr. President,

You are apparently not a student of the United States, or you would realize that the incoherent rant you spew in your letter serves only to galvanize Americans. While Americans disagree on many subjects, so do the citizens of your country. The difference is, Americans are afforded the liberty to say so, while oppressive rulers such as yourself cower at the thought of free thought in your own country

If you expect to be taken seriously, to be treated more than a little man with a Napoleon complex then you will need to start with excluding the religious zeal from managing your country and your foreign policy.

If you care about the people and country you lead, learn to become part of the world community, and you will have an impact.

— John (Grand Rapids, MI)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Your rambling message means nothing to the 3,000 innocent souls murdered on September 11, 2001. These were innocent civilians, not military people. You were part of this type of terror when you held our people hostage. George W. Bush is a great and honorable president. Don't be fooled by the Cindy Sheehan and Barbara Streisand news clippings. There are many of us Americans who agree with our president. They call us "the silent majority," and we will never forget 9/11!

— Vincent

President Ahmadinejad,

I have read your letter to us, the American people. My interpretation is that President Bush could have written this same letter to the Iranian people. With very few exceptions, everything you complained about in the United States and its administration(s) are true to a much more extensive degree in Iran. But, if President Bush wrote such a letter to the Iranian people, would they even know it existed, let alone be allowed to read it?

— John (Angier, NC)

Dear Mahmoud,

This is great stuff! I really mean it! Have considered trying out as a contestant on "Last Comic Standing?" As long as you brutally repress freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of conscience in your country, please allow me to laugh at your criticisms our political process.

Keep it up!

— Noel

President Ahmadinejad,

I may not be on the same side as our president on some things, like his being too weak on the Mexican border issue. But my biggest compliant is that he hasn't gotten rid of you!

— Kathy (Atlanta, TX)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

A major difference between the West and the Middle East is the value of "truth." The U.S. values the truth and expects our leaders to also. What you have given us is propaganda that you would expect your people to believe because they do not know otherwise. Sir, please do not confuse me with your own subjects. We might not like what our leaders do sometimes but we know the truth because we have access to alternative opinions. Because we hold the truth and liberty in high regards, we can freely challenge our leaders, both religious and political, without the fear of reprisals.

— Tim (Texas)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Your letter is very well written, the way you take a grain of truth and mold it into a mountain of a lie. You are correct that the present U.S. Administration is corrupt, but that has been the case for many administrations throughout our brief history, yet still we are the greatest country on Earth. Your cries for the Palestinians are ridiculous, they were offered the state they claim they want many times, first in 1948 by the corrupt U.N., and once again by President Clinton, but their so called leaders misled the people, time and time again.

You claim to feel their pain, but the Palestinians are treated like third class citizens in neighboring Muslim countries, and yet you still blame Israel. You claim that war cannot end terrorism, and you are sadly mistaken. If the administration would stop playing politics and allow the U.S. military to take the gloves off, then we could crush the will of the terrorists in a few years.

You claim to want to destroy the U.S. but there are 150,000 soldiers across the border, and yet I see no armies lining up to fight, only hiding behind your religion and rocks and caves and anything else they can. The only part of your letter that bears any kind of truth is the comparison to the peoples of Iran and the U.S. population. We are very similar; we both want peace, prosperity and to see our children do well, but most of all, we are both led by corrupt governments who ignore the will of the people, to gain power or wealth for themselves.

— David

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Your letter to us, the American people, is filled to the brim with pure propaganda. Your actions in promoting sectarian violence and fundamentalist beliefs keep your women as third class citizens, mock God who is love, and fly in the face of truth itself. We saw your actions in holding Americans captive in our embassy, promoting and supporting terrorists who regularly rocket civilians in Israel, holding back truthful and honest news so it cannot reach your people, inhibiting all free expression in your own country, among so many other negatives. Our letters to you will, no doubt, never see the light of day in your country, because you fear truth. Your letter to us, the American people, is widely circulated and readily available, because we have true freedom of the press.

— Jim (Brooksville, FL)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

It is truly a shameful disgrace that our countries can't live in peace. The oppressor Bush is attempting to take the whole world. No one is safe from his warring ways. Perhaps someday, when Mr. Bush is no longer in power, a reasonable, God-fearing man will be in charge.

— FR

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

If you truly believe we true-blooded American people can be influenced by the likes of you and your letter, it is just a fabrication of your sick mind.

— Bob (Nevada)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

I, like most Americans, will not believe your propaganda and your feeble attempt to turn us against our own country. You say you are pained by the sufferings and afflictions in the world, but you blatantly allow the training of individuals who carry out the most inhuman actions against mankind. How do you condemn terrorism while empowering it? Count your blessings you are still there. Don't send us anymore of your lies.

— E.C.

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Your letter to the American people, in the same vein as your letter to President Bush, is absolutely transparent and seeks to play on apparent factions and weaknesses here within America. As you will see from some of the posts on this site, there are those who are ready and willing to take the bait. They are supposed patriots, who play right into your hands and point to liberals and Democrats as the opposition and the enemy. Luckily, as our nation's history has proven time and time again, when faced with an external threat such as the very real one that you and your brethren present, we will unite and be triumphant. The talking heads and pundits do not speak for your average American, and we see straight through your gimmicks and lies.

— Chris

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

I must hand it to you. Your idea of writing a letter to the American people is genius. It certainly will work against the weak-hearted progressive secular left. Our country is filled with people that live their lives and pay their taxes, but if you test the rest of us, I assure you there are millions of true red, white, and blue Americans who will take you to task. Keep telling your lies, but be very careful.

— Jim (Oregon)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Reading your letter was the funniest thing I've heard all year, and my opinion is you're scared to death. Why? Because you're next!

— Jay

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Thank you for your letter. The important message, which you have conveyed, is that you sound exactly like the Democrats in our American Congress. You could certainly be eligible to be Speaker of our House of Representatives or Majority Leader of our Senate. The liberals who are about to take those positions hate America as much as you do. Congratulations for fitting in so well with the American left!

— John

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

President George W. Bush is a leader and a man of integrity. You are not a leader, because you are not truly leading your people to peace and prosperity. Your letter reveals what we already know — that you have no integrity. If you continue to push the Western world, we may see whether you are a man or a mouse like Saddam, who had to be pulled from his rat hole.

— Jon (Tennessee)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Your letter may have its place in history. The only place it has in my household will be in my woodstove as a fire starter.

The fact that 90 percent of the population of Iran lives under the poverty line, with only 10 percent having access to social services provided by your government shows your ignorant capabilities as a selfish dictator.

As a Christian, I will pray for you that one day in Iran a true democracy will cure the fact that Iran is witnessing a rise of social ills such as homelessness, high divorce rates, poverty, and prostitution.

— Fred

Dear President Ahmadinejad and the people of Iran,

It is sad that some of you are brainwashed and filled with such hatred. It is sad you will never know a life of freedom. It is sad and criminal that children are abused from birth and forced to listen to an evil being who claims to be your president. It is sad that some of you believe his lies. May your president rot for crimes against humanity and for depriving innocent people of God-given freedom.

— Carol (Avon, IN)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

You are crazy, and you should stop trying to make people think you aren't. You should know, as a former terrorist, who held our citizens hostage for 444 days, that this type of letter only makes the American people have more resolve to finish our job in Iraq with honor. I, as an American and a God-fearing person, can only pray that you fall prey to the same terror that you support!

— G. P. (California)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

Your letter shows a very narrow-minded view of the world, and reminds me of someone who only cares to hear one side of what is going on in the world. You talk about truth as if Iran has a truthful, loving, understanding government. Yes, we Americans do believe in truth, transparency, and we love our Lord. That is why I ask you, how dare you, a president of a country known for being brutal to anyone who does not think exactly what a few elite Shiite believe, a country who doesn't let professors teach at universities if they don't say what you want them to say, how dare you talk about the Bush administration, as if it alone caused all the problems in the world. The problems were there long before this administration. And, even though I am disappointed with some of the policies of this administration, you can believe one thing for sure, at least they tried.

— Kim (Savannah, GA)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

You are over-playing your hand. You are the president of a repressive third world nation. We do not take you seriously, and you embarrass yourself each time you behave as if the free world actually cares what you think.

— David

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

In America we have freedom of religion, the right to participate or not and the right to choose our lord. The holy land is for everyone of all religions, not just yours. No one that refers to themselves as holy is truly holy if they teach children they can make it to heaven by blowing up others.

— Keith (Virginia)

President Ahmadinejad,

Your letter to the American people is a lie and an abomination! You must realize that the American people are not fools or idiots and will not heed a word of it ! You have wasted your time. The atrocities you have committed clearly speak for you. Obviously, your letter is a piece of propaganda for use in the Islamic community in an attempt to convince Muslims what a great and worthy person you are. You will make your letter available for all Iranians to read, but would you allow a letter from President Bush or the American people to be read? No, of course not and we know that. I pray that the time will come, when you are just a bad piece of Iran's history. I hope that time comes soon!

— Angela (San Francisco, CA)


You say the violence in Iraq is the responsibility of the United States when it is you who are instigating the killing through your radical Shiite proxies. Americans are not so stupid as to fall for your lies.

— Craig (Houston, TX)

How dare you speak badly of this country. …I would like to speak to the people of Iran: why don’t you get rid of that monster? We would help you do that. It would be better for your family. You are no different from us.

— Jean (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)

President Ahmadinejad,

Some of what you say has merit. However, the American people are not so readily led by the nose as you would like to believe. Your statements about the tragedies in Israel are correct, just reversed. The American people would be far more sympathetic to the troubles of the Palestinian people if they themselves were not strapping bombs to their chests and massacring innocent civilians.

As for Iraq, many of the problems there have been caused by IRANIAN citizens entering the country and committing acts of terrorism. We truly only want the Iraqi people to prosper in a free and democratic society. So, why don't YOU stop interfering in Iraq, which will allow our troops to train the Iraqi military and police so that the Iraqi people can truly become independent.

As a former US military officer, I have seen a good portion of the world, and I've known and worked with and been friends with many different people from all different walks of life, countries, creeds, and religions. The Muslims that I have met have been good, caring people who only want peace. The small minority of radical fundamentalists that YOU support are a black
stain on the Islamic people of the world.

Mr. President, I truly hope that your desire for peace is sincere, but the American people do not want more words, we want ACTION. If actions toward true peace are something you incapable of or are just unwilling to perform, know this.....we will be watching, and we'll never let our guard down.

— Benjamin

Dear Mr. Ahmadinejad,

Your letter to the American people is insulting! Do you think we don't hear what you say about us in your speeches in your country? Who are we? The "big devil" you say? You talk about how we are a like in that we are all peaceful and loving people. That's a joke. You are full of hate. Hate America, hate for the Jews. You want to wipe them out. You have my word that will not happen.


Mr. Ahmadinejad:

The day you stop having rallies calling for the destruction of America, the day you stop funding terrorists who seek to kill and destroy Americans, the day you stop threatening America with "the sword" if we don't convert to your twisted religious doctrine, then I MIGHT think there's some credibility in your letter. Until then, your letter will serve best in various restrooms across the USA.

— Sam

Mr. President,

These are just words and we see that. Most people in the U.S. have good acquaintances from your country and we know that your people are kind and peaceful, as well as deservedly patriotic. You have made folly of one of the oldest and historically most powerful cultures in the world and that’s sad. You have taken your people's justified patriotism and turned it into something ugly to keep yourself in power.

— Trent (Texas)

Dear Mr. Ahmadinejad,

Nice attempt to manipulate the American People in believing your pack of lies. The United States is a noble country with noble attempts to help the people of this world. When was the last time Iran helped anybody in the world? That’s ok I’ll wait for a response. The United States has helped many countries of the world by military action, financial aid, and feeding the poor. With all do respect sir, with little in return. If you were so concern about our citizens during the Katrina disaster where was your support? I don’t recall any money being sent to us. Blaming the American Government for that shows how weak and not very in touch you are with the American people. Also if you would like to be taken seriously you might not want to support terror organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, it’s sort of a touchy subject with most Americans. Finally, if you would like to have a voice in this country you might stop telling young Muslims that blowing yourself up in the name Allah is a good idea.

— David (Nebraska)

Thank-you Mahmoud,

Your letter has just confirmed to the thinking people of the United States that you and your terrorist-kind need to be dealt with immediately. I prayed that something would happen to provoke and wake up people and here you are! Enough said!

— Tom (Phoenix)

As I was reading through your letter to the American people, I could not help but to think of our past service men and women that had to listen to the same rhetoric from Tokyo Rose during WWII. I do not believe for a minute that the Iranian government has our best interest at heart. I believe that you and your government are a sponsor of world terrorism and that the Iranian government is a major player in the suffering that is being happening to the people of Iraq at this moment. I have no dislike or hatred of the Iranian people. I believe that they are as peace loving as we are. You cannot call for the destruction of free countries such as the U.S. and Israel and the annihilation of a race of people and still call yourself peace loving.

Your letter to the American people was ill conceived, disrespectful and insulting to myself and many other Americans. Yes, I disagree with some of the policies of our own government. But unlike the people of Iran, I have the freedom to voice my opinion. Thank God for that.

— Jim (Barberton, OH)

You "sound" educated and informed. However, the key word being "sound". Reading your letter it seems your words drip with passion. You have made your points and surely you will convince some. Even in my country some will believe that your convictions are correct. I must say though, I'm a little disappointed. I noticed you carry a PHD. I assume your education is not in world history. If it were, I am sure you would realize that you are spouting the same propaganda and
manipulative rhetoric as Adolf Hitler. Just for future reference, the world will only be fooled for so long before the fate of your regime becomes that of the the Third Reich.

— Rich (Chicago, IL)

Dear Mahmoud,

Let’s see… Violent revolution and hostage taking in the 70’s, atrocities in the 80’s (war with Iraq – we watched you two use mustard gas on each other and maul one another’s POWs), religious police, persecution of non-Muslims, funding of killers (Hamas, etc.), death threats against world leaders and whole countries (your speeches on your TV station, bub) … need I go on? We have a popular saying here in the US: “set the crack pipe down and step away slowly”. No, maybe we’re not a perfect country. However, we sure as hell have your madcap delusions of martyrdom beat. Hey – you know, I’ll bet you could give Borat a run for his money doing standup over here!

— Steve (Venice, CA)

Nice try Mahmoud. We Americans are much smarter than you think. Deep down inside you won’t be happy until you overtake us. However, we will never be forced to live under Dictators... You are the crazy man in the attic and freedom always perseveres. We still haven’t paid you back for taking the hostages. I wouldn’t sleep well at night if I was you. We see you for what you are, a fruitcake who will eventually do himself in. Nighty night.

— Nicholas

I ask you Mr Ahmadinejad, at what lengths will you go to wipe Israel of the face of the map? Why isn't your nuclear program transparent? Answer these truthfully and I think only then can our governments take positive steps to "embrace the promotion of human ideals such as compassion, empathy, respect for the rights of human beings..."

— Albert (Mission Viejo, CA)

To the Government of Iran:

Kiss my democratic, freedom-loving a**!

— Ken


Perhaps it’s because we all remember it was YOU and your fundamentalist classmates who attacked the American Embassy, took hostages on American soil, beat, tortured and threatened their lives because some bearded guy flew in from France and winked at you... As for your letter, I know you’re only extending your right hand while clutching a knife in your left.

— Latta

Would you care to demonstrate how you are NOT funding terror? How you have no ties to Hezbollah, to Syria? How you are not training al Qaeda elements in your very own country? How you are not supporting the Shiia militias in Iraq? If you can’t do that, would you then care to explain how those activities align with the statements in your letter? Would a caring, peaceful and god-fearing nation (as you claim to be) so consistently declare that a nation (Israel) needs to be exterminated? Would you care to elaborate on your position that the holocaust never happened?? You seem quite adept in spouting the right words. Too bad you can’t actually support them with action… Iranians are great people, and hold great promise for all that is good. It’s a shame their political leaders do not allow them to fulfill their immense potential.

— Joseph

Dear President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,

Let me be perfectly clear. You and your government, not the vast majority of Iranians, are without a doubt the biggest threat to world existence present in the world today. You will without doubt unleash the horror of all kinds of mass destruction. Although a majority of American’s don’t realize just how vile and demented you and your government are, a growing number of us realize just how dangerous you are. Notice that I said “biggest threat to world existence”. It is not just the USA that is at risk. When you eventually succeed at torching off some sensational mass death calamity, there will be a world-wide response to your demented action. That response will rid the world of you and your government’s vile existence. Unfortunately, it will also kill and maim a lot of innocent Iranians. I pray that it won’t happen, but I don’t hold out any hope that your quest for martyrdom will be stopped.

— Don (Helena, MT)

I know your people have no clue what it is like to live in a free country. If they did, you would not be the leader.

— Doug

Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,

I think that you are supposing that the American people are perfectly happy with what our President is doing. Well honestly, there is not a whole lot we can do about it right now. I have some suggestions for you. First, stop funding Al Sadr in Iraq. Second, show good will towards not necessarily the President, but for the American people by fighting to quell violence in Iraq which you are supporting. Third, recognize that Iraq's dictatorship is over and it is now a democracy. And understand that to support violence in the name of God is insanity. As a Christian, I speak for billions when I say JUST STOP KILLING OVER RELIGION! I will pray for you and the rest of the world and for God to bring peace to the world,
but you need to help.

— Jeff

Dear President Ahmadinejad,

I only have a quick comment regarding this statement, "But regrettably, the US administration disregards even its own public opinion and remains in the forefront of supporting the trampling of the rights of the Palestinian people." Since when does Iran care about public opinion? You surely do not care about the public opinion in Iran as evidence by your state run newspapers and clear disagreement with the idea of free press...You claim that we share the desire for compassion, empathy, and the rights of human beings. Yet, you said, “... And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism.” You also have claimed that the holocaust was a myth (to be fair, some of Iran’s spokespeople have tried to clear that up).

So you want to end the United States and Israel, yet you have compassion, empathy, and respect for human rights? You have given a reported 10,000 rockets to Hezbollah, a known terrorist organization, but you want to convince the American people that we are in fact on the same team? What you have done is contradicted with your actions and thus, your words mean very little.

— Josh

Iranian President,

You are a liar and the truth is not in you. Do you believe we Americans are so dumb that we can't see past your phony words.? You hate Israel and you hate Americans alike. If you had your way, you would destroy Israel first and us second.

— Nicole

Dr. Mahmoud,

You must mistake American citizens for morons? Your attempt to regurgitate the "mainstream" media's over-dramatized headlines is painfully obvious. I do give you, & your terrorists, credit for your ability to manipulate the Internet, and to a greater extent, the world media....Once an alternative to oil has been effectively implemented, you and the rest of the Middle East will be rendered meaningless. I predict you have about a 15-20 year window to keep the Middle East relevant. After that, the Middle East, and the countries that comprise it, will have no bargaining chips. Good luck after that.

— Mike

Thank you for the clarification of how we should run our country. Lord knows you do a much better job. The millions of people you have suppressed and cut off from the real world is a great show of leadership. Our country was founded and continues to run on the principles of freedom.

— Brady

Dear Mahmoud,

I believe this only shows that you are desperate and misguided in your attempt to play the American public as fools in your game. Your game is a fool’s game. And your Karma will be exposed in your misplaced pride.

— Dan, “Not An American Idiot”

Quit playing the United Nations for the joke that it is, lose the Nuke program and Peace can be a reality. Keep backing terrorist, pushing the bomb, and threatening the world with Armageddon peace will never come to the people of the Middle East. And that’s all on you.

— T.S. (Cincinnati, OH)

I think I have read that same letter on Al Qaeda's website.

— Matt (Virginia)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,

We know you support terror and are part of the growing problem in the stability of Iraq. We also know the value of a country by how they treat their women. You do not support equality between men and women. Although I hold no ill towards Iranian people, I do not respect any religion that holds men above women as Islam does.

— Harry (Portland, OR)

To the Iranian President,

Tens of millions have been freed under the actions of the United States since the 1940’s. No other nation can make this claim. We stand on the side of good. The actions of the U.S. are honorable. If not, why do so many flee your country and come to ours for freedom? Why does your country vow the destruction of Israel if you are God fearing and promote peace!

You are a coward…this we all know!!!!

Too bad the Iranian “Leadership” doesn’t allow their citizens the same freedoms we enjoy. Would a President Bush letter to the Iranian citizens get the same publication and broadcasting?

Dear Mr. Lunatic,

First let me start by saying that you can go f*** yourself if you think for one second that you
meant any of the words that you said to us. Secondly, we are educated, unlike your nation, and
will not be fooled by your big long educated words (that someone else told you what they mean
because you obviously have no idea what they mean). Thirdly, you are a liar and thief and have been stealing from your county and oppressing your people for years. If it weren't for the
democrats and politically correct jack-offs in this county you would have been bombed and destroyed already, so you can thank all the liberals and democrats for your very existence right now. Lastly, I am not sure why I am even wasting my time and breath on you because you are lower than swine dung.

— Mark