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Today we posted some pictures. They need a bit of an explanation. As you may know, we have done our show out of Tampa the last two nights. We booked as guests, prosecutor Pam Bondi and Jeff Brown.

Since I am a dog lover (and cat), I asked Pam to bring Noah, the St. Bernard dog she rescued from Katrina/Louisiana. She did bring him and he is a lovely dog. I have posted the pictures.

I have also posted pictures of Tampa's WEDU studio. Frankly, it is fancy. Fancier than our studio in D.C. It has very high ceilings, which helps with lighting issues — our studio in D.C. has ordinary ceiling heights… eight feet? Of course, our studio has a view that no one can beat: the U.S. Capitol and the Capitol lawn.

By the way, the Tampa studio was freezing last night so I had them turn off the air conditioning at 9:30 p.m. By the time Jeff Brown and Pam Bondi came in at five minutes to 10, it was warm from the lights. I like the studio warm but I am in a minority, a minority of one. I could tell Jeff and Pam were not comfortable before the show started so I asked to have the AC back on. It blows right on us on the set.

They were happy I did. I think they feared they would be baked doing the segment with me. As soon as they were finished — about 10:15 — I turned it off again.

That school bus crash two days ago is so horrible. We need to find out what happened so that it does not happen again. We put many children on buses each day and I wonder whether we have explored all possibilities for improving safety. Seatbelts? Would that help improve safety?

The NTSB is great at investigating causes of accidents. I am glad NTSB spokesperson Debra Hersman is there. She is an impressive spokesperson. She is smart, candid and thorough. Next time she gives a briefing watch her and see if you don't agree with me. I have been in the same room with her when she has given briefings and thought that while she has empathy for those who have suffered, she maintains a high level of professionalism. And yes, I think the NTSB is one of our best government organizations.

Last night we had Drew and Joyce Kesse on our show. Their daughter Jennifer vanished in January. After the segment and during a commercial we talked about how many people vanish each year. It is hard to believe that this happens so often. This holiday season is their first without their daughter. Many people are going through the same pain for other losses, including deaths in Iraq, accidents, etc.

Joyce talked to Beth Holloway Twitty yesterday about the first holidays without her daughter. Beth knows better than most what Joyce is going through. Months ago I connected them thinking that perhaps one might be able to help the other.

Any ideas what Michael Richards should do?

I need some advice. I may have to go to Great Falls, Montana, for a story. What's a good place for us to stay?

At the bottom of the blog you will find the answer to yesterday's quiz.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta:
The viewer who wrote to you about the spelling of "canceled" vs. "cancelled" is incorrect. According to my Webster's, either is correct. The spelling with a double "L" is listed first, which means it is preferred, but the spelling with a single "L" is not incorrect.
In answer to the quiz, I am in the habit of saying "This is she." That remains from a fourth grade (very mean) English teacher who demanded that any pronoun that follows the verb form, "to be," is a subject (I, he, she, they)—not an object (me, him, her, them).
If that's the rule, then no one should be saying, "It's me." Instead, they would say, "It is I." That sounds ultra-formal, and to avoid making a decision about that, I just say (on the phone, for example), "Hello. It's Julia."
At age 53, I'm still learning English, as the language continues to evolve. Woe is I.
Santa Monica, CA

E-mail No. 2

I think this whole outrage with Richards' is absolutely ridiculous. I am by
no means a racist myself, however it is everywhere you go and happens
everyday. The only difference about what happened to Richards' and what
happens every day to other people is that he is a millionaire. How would
you feel if you had a job to do and a couple of inconsiderate people began
to talk trash and severely bother you while you are on the air?

E-mail No. 3

Just wanted to say cancel, cancellation, etc. can be spelled either way, one l or 2 L's!
Enjoy your show.

E-mail No. 4

Greta, Webster's says you can spell them both ways, so you are NOT wrong.
Diane in Seattle

E-mail No. 5

Hello, I believe that the prosecutor used this case to raise his public opinion and to win his election. He has destroyed these young men's lives to get re-elected. He was wrong and now will not back down. Someone needs to step in and fully investigate this case and determine if these men should have ever been accused. If not which is the way it is appearing, then the prosecutor should be removed from office and be suspended from the bar for a specified time. He will end up ruining these men's lives with no repercussions. I hope in the end that if these men have done no wrong the prosecutor will be forced to issue a formal written and televised apology. I also think that the young men should receive financial restitution. Maybe then if all these things happen, politicians will stop using the people they represent as pawns to further their political career.
Sean O'Neill
Savannah, Ga

E-mail No. 6

As a graphic designer for over twenty years, I find numerous typos and incorrectly spelled words annoying in online news. However, I must come to the defense of the word cancelled verses canceled, and cancellation verses cancelation (used in the O.J. story). According to the American Heritage Dictionary and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law, both spellings are acceptable, with the double “L” version being the British spelling and the single “L” version being “Chicago Style.” You’re not only fair and balanced, Greta, but your spelling is also just fine! If you need a proofreader, just call me—spell checks cannot always be trusted as they vary! I look it up.
Deborah Kelroy-Danskin
Superior, NE

E-mail No. 7

Let me say this first, I classify myself as an African –American. However, I am easily mistaken as being white due to my Caucasian features. The statements made by Michael Richard are despicable without a doubt and should be denounced. However, we degrade ourselves in music, videos and other entertainment outlets with the N- word daily and nothing is said. The fact is, if a black comedian had made jokes about JEWS or any other ethnic group little would be said about it. It happens every day.
For God sake. Please stop being apologetic toward us and ask the hard questions about the double standard.
Greta, you were slap around by Paul Mooney. You were afraid to ask the hard questions. This man could not answer your questions intelligently and that was why he responded to you with more degrading jokes. Paul Mooney is a comedian who makes a living degrading whites. Please tell me that your staff can find some intelligent and educated African-Americans that can speak intelligently about the subject.
Stop being wimps, do your job and ask the questions that need to be asked. You KNOW what they are.

REPLY: I think it is about time we all stop being bigots... regardless of whom the bigotry is directed at.

E-mail No. 8

I'm not a fan of Mr. Richards and I was taken aback by his comments. I have one question, why is the heckler getting a pass for his bad behavior? If I had paid good money to see this show, I would expect to see it with out interruption. Even if Mr. Richards was not funny just leave don't ruin the show for everybody.
Tim Engle
Carmel, IN

E-mail No. 9

Dear Greta,
I'm writing you during a commercial... good show tonight; your questions are slicing right through and are intelligent. The reason for my e-mail is to tell you that I was grateful that you informed those of us who did not know, that The Apollo is in Harlem. I am a 50 yr old well educated woman who knew The Apollo was in NY but had no idea that it is in Harlem, hence the joke Mr. Paul Mooney delivered about "Richards doing the same routine at the Apollo" and "then we'll talk," made absolutely no sense to me so thank you! I had to search the web for FOX News in order to e-mail you due to the fact that I never received your blog today... boy am I spoiled!
Andrea Shaikh
Las Vegas

TUESDAY QUIZ: Which is correct?

A. This is she
B. This is her


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