Speakout! What Do You Think About O.J. Simpson's Canceled Book and TV Deal?

News Corp., the parent company of book publisher HarperCollins and the FOX network, has canceled publication of the O.J. Simpson book and television special "If I Did It."

"I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project," said Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. chairman. "We are sorry for any pain that this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson." Read more.

FNC wants to know what you think about FOX's decision to cancel the interview.

E-mail us at speakout@foxnews.com and tell us your thoughts!

Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

”I couldn't be happier. Thank you for respecting the Brown and Simpson families, and those of us who voiced displeasure over the scheduled book and broadcast. I am once again the fan of FOX that I've been for the past 10 years.” — Kathy (Tucson, AZ)

”I was so disappointed when I first learned that FOX was going to do this interview in the beginning. I am very relieved that you have canceled the interview, and I see the action as proof of the high standard that I have known you to have in the past. Thanks for listening to your listeners and making the ethical decision.” — Pat (Maryland)

”Thank you. This goes to show you that there is a difference between right and wrong and some people (and organizations) still know the difference. Thanks again. Please continue to be a leader and hopefully an example to the rest of the media world. Do what is right, it will always be worth it.” — Mike (Bluefield, IL)

”I think the show should continue as planned and the book should be published as planned. With all the movies that are shown now days on T.V. and all the books that are on the market that show our children how to make bombs, drugs, and even murder, what is wrong with this one? If you are so against this then don't watch or buy the book.” — Martha (Tennessee)

”I'm so thankful for your decision. I can just imagine how the Goldman and Brown families must have felt if this would have aired. Thank you for restoring my faith in people who have the power to make important decisions. I can continue to watch FOX again.” — Len (West Frankfort, IL)

”I had almost given up believing there were intelligent people running the Fox Broadcasting company when I learned about the O.J. special. My faith that there are some conscientious and compassionate people at the company has been restored with this cancellation. O.J. go away, please!” — Clayton

”Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have spent years trying to convince my liberal friends that FOX News was the real deal, fair and balanced, and then I saw this O.J. thing. It was going to be difficult to continue to be on your side. Please, stick with what got you here.” — Spark (Bowling Green, MO)

”I normally do not comment on TV shows or the news; I just take it in and go about my day. But after seeing that the television show and book deal regarding O.J. Simpson has been cancelled for some reason it made me happy! Haven't these two families suffered enough? I want to applaud whoever is in charge that made this BRILLIANT decision.” — Joanne

"This is the best news I have heard all day." — Barbara

"This is the right and ethical thing to do. O.J. should not be allowed to profit from his crimes any more than he already has." — Jerry (La Palma, CA)

"Why in the world would we purposely give him any attention?" — Vicki

"The very best thing you could do." — Martha

"Brilliant! I applaud your decision. Well done." — Diana

"I hope O.J. does not receive any money! Thank you." — Judy

"Thank goodness. I have a new respect for FOX and affiliates. To make money off that sleaze is wrong and a slap at decent people. I just hope the liberal media does not take up his 'cause.' — Linda

"Thanks for doing the right thing! I could not believe you even considered this project." — H.A. (Texas)

"You have my vote and all of my friends vote for the cancellation." — TC

"It's a good thing! That was the most outrageous idea I've heard in a long time. I don't want to hear from him or about him unless he is ready to really confess." — EGH (Franklin, TN)

"I am so relieved and this is a giant step for society as a whole. Would the pain of the Nicole's children and the Goldman family outweighed any possible reason for airing the interview or the book? Thank you for listening and hearing the viewing public." — Debbie (New Jersey)

"It is a sad day in our society when we tend to glorify a murderer because he was a professional athlete." — L.L. (Lafayette, LA)

"It gives me hope that America has not gone crazy. When I saw this was going to air, all I could think was, 'What kind off monitor would put this on TV and what kind of heartless person would watch it?'" — Kyle

"I think it was a wise decision. The climate has not cooled off enough for Mr. Simpson to be making a debut of this nature." — M.B.

"I'm very happy about its decision. I also think it will increase FOX's viewing audience." — A.A.T.

"Thank you for letting the country know that there is at least one network that has morals, scruples and doesn't put ratings or the all might dollar in front of decency, simple respect and common sense. Evil is all around us without it being portrayed for profit." — Robert (Houston, TX)