Your Grrrs: Nov. 21, 2006

Here are some of the many responses to Mike's last column:

Editor's note: These e-mails were received before News Corp.'s cancellation of the O.J. Simpson TV special and book.

J. Donovan writes: Thankfully, the freedom of the press has outlined the ability for O.J. to publish this book. Thankfully, the freedom of thought allows us to save our money.

Sheilah K. writes: If outlets like FOX didn't feature O.J. in the news and air interviews with him, the public would certainly lose interest in him. Nobody would know what he does if the press weren't ready to report his every movement. Every reporter who comes into contact with O.J. is tainted by that contact and their credibility with the public impacted. Just how important is the almighty dollar and how does it feel to be contributing to the ongoing decline in moral values?

Melissa H. writes: As much as I am appalled by what this man is now doing, you are right. Like the car wreck he has become, when this airs on FOX, I will not be able to look away. Never mind the fact that the man makes me sick to my stomach because I believe he did it. I wish I was strong enough to not watch but damn it, sometimes it's just fascinating watching yet another "celebrity" flush their own career — or lack thereof in this case — down the toilet.

Norma D. Grrrs: I don’t want O.J. to do what he is doing. I will not be tuning in or buying into Mr. Simpson’s idiocy (your word), and I am disappointed with FOX for taking it on. Of course, I am not interested in "Dancing With the Stars" or "America's Next Top Model" or "Survivor." Bill O’Reilly said it right on "Oprah" (yes, I do tune in to Oprah and if she is not yapping about Madonna’s baby, I may watch) but Bill O’Reilly said it right when he said that a good many people in this country (the majority, in my opinion) are more interested in "Dancing With the Stars" than what is really going on in the world. This is concerning to me and to see O.J. in my face when I bring up FOX News makes me mad. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Kelly S. from Norfolk, Va., Grrr: I think of all the people I could relate this GRRRR to, you will probably appreciate it the most. I went to K-Mart on Tuesday night. The Salvation Army bell ringer was there in front of the store (already!). He was at least 80 years old, bundled into one of those little scooter things that so many people have now. A little girl in a pink coat and pink boots came up and dropped a handful of change into the kettle. The Salvation Army man didn't thank her. He didn't tell her "Bless You." He didn't even ring his bell. Why??? Because he was talking on his CELL PHONE.

Christine M. from Cincinnati responds to Christopher C.: You may be a football fan, but your cultural knowledge lacks. There are a minority of players who have the long, flowing locks you referred to in your Grrr! If you took a second to research the background on SOME of these players — Troy Polamalu and Domata Peko come to mind quickly — you would find that the long hair they sport under their helmets is in respect to their cultural heritage. Both of these players are of Samoan background, and it is traditional for men to wear their hair long. As far as I can tell, the NCAA or NFL cannot regulate that, as it would be discrimination based on racial/ethnic background. What I can say is that the hair is traditionally judged to be an extension of the uniform, and players can be grabbed by, and subsequently tackled by, their hair. However, your wish (joking or not) to see these men injured because they display cultural pride in the form of long hair is despicable, and you should be ashamed. There is no way to "guarantee" that a jerk or blow to the head would not be career ending, paralyzing or worse.

Melissa in N.C. writes: When I read "Your Grrrs" for Nov. 16, I just wanted to hug so many of the people who wrote in to share their own stories! So here's a big THANK YOU to Paul M., for his barking dog grrrrr (I have had a huge problem with a neighbor's dog for a year now), CJ's grrrr about breeding Obliviots (I'm a teacher, and let me tell you, when I meet some of these kids' parents, I understand why the kids are the way they are!), Alison M.'s "politically correct" grrrrr and Robert's inconsiderate drivers grrrrr. It's good to know there are people out there I don't even know who are bothered by the same things!

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