O.J. Simpson's New Book

Judith Regan, publisher of O.J. Simpson's book "If I Did It," says she did not pay him for the rights to publish his book, in which the one-time football superstar tells how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend if, in fact, he had done it.

Although Regan has acknowledged that Simpson does not directly say that he killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, she said she considers the book to be his confession. Read more.

FNC wants to know — What do you think of O.J.'s decision to write about the murders, and the publisher's decision to print it?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“O.J. Simpson is making a mockery of the American justice system. First, he gets away with murder thanks to his 'Dream Team' lawyers, and now, he finds a way to profit from his horrendous crime. Every decent American should be outraged. I will not watch, and I will not by his book. I hope no one else will either.” — Kris (Arkansas)

“Hopefully, he will say something in his book that will get his butt dragged back to court and this time have a jury with more common sense than the last one. Why did the publisher publish the book? Money, of course. There are a lot of morons involved with Simpson, and their ranks are increasing.” — Bill (Connecticut)

“I cannot believe that a publisher would actually want to write something like this. It disgusts me to think O.J. is still out there, living his life, much less making money for his heinous crimes!” — Tracie (Armada, MI)

“I resent being told what I can read or view. I am an American, and can choose for myself, whether it's the Bible, Koran, Mein Kampf or whatever. I probably wont buy or read the book, but I think there are far worse things in this world to be outraged about.” — John

“I will not buy the book or watch the interview. Though I'm curious to see what he'd have to say, and see how it matches evidence in the case, I do not need to be a pseudo-juror. The jurors have spoken. I do not have to support O.J. in his twisted attempts at attention. It is more important to support the Goldmans and Nichole Brown Simpson's family. I truly feel for his children.” — Deirdre (Olympia, WA)

“No more O.J.! I guess he's out of funds, but why should we help him out? I would not watch the interview, nor read his book.” — Nancy (Bonita Springs, FL)

“O.J. Simpson, I can do nothing about. He's going be his despicable, degenerate self. The publisher, bookstores and Fox Broadcasting, I can do something about. I plan on boycotting all sponsors of this filth. I encourage everyone who is equally outraged to do the same. Respond with your pocketbook. It's blood money, and they won't be getting mine. ” — Jane

“Last time I checked, we still live in the U.S. The man was tried and found not guilty by a jury of his peers. That should be the end of it! Period! If you don't like what that he was found not guilty, do something to change the laws to make it easier to convict someone, but beware of the law of unintended consequences. Will I buy the book? Probably not, because 'true crime' is not my cup of tea.” — Chuck (Melbourne, FL)

“I think giving O.J. a soap box is wrong. I think the publisher is rationalizing a really bad decision when she uses the publication of Mein Kampf as a parallel situation. Adolf Hitler died 61 years ago. O.J. manages to stay in the spotlight and manage to garner financial advantages, because of this type of attention. I am ashamed that the parent company of Fox News has anything to do with the company that is publishing this book.” — Henry (Stanwood, WA)

"He should not receive any money for this book. All his assets should belong to the Goldmans and the Browns. Domestic Violence should never be rewarded, and I see this as a form of payment for his crime. If this book sells, all proceeds should go to domestic violence shelters." — Mary Ann

"O.J. has the right to make a living, but does he have the right to profit from a crime he seems to be admitting to, regardless of his acquittal? Celebrities should not be above the law, O.J. was the first of many celebrities to be acquitted in a high-profile case, simply because of his social stature and bank account." — J.P.

"It's pathetic that Simpson would write such a book, that Regan would publish it, and that ANYONE would read it, but this is where society has gone. I pray that we regain our sanity and values, and that this book rots on the shelf." — Mark (Atlanta, GA)

"Let him write it. However, it would be far more useful if it were written on toilet paper." — Eric (Arizona)

"I think whoever buys this book should be hit over the head with it. O.J. is making a mockery of those who were dumb enough to believe him in the first place." — Hilary (Plano, TX)

"Talk about rubbing salt into a wound. Wasn't it enough that we had to put up with a stupid panel of jurors that could not do the right thing, and then O.J. flaunting his wealth and hiding behind every little technicality to avoid paying a dime of the civil suit? Now, we have to hear all of this too? Enough is enough!" — B (Springtown, TX)

"What about the children? Simpson obviously does not care about them. If he did, he wouldn't have ever considered writing a book about how he would have killed their mother, if he did it. I truly feel sorry for his children, and hope that he has no involvement in their lives." — Mike (Lake Orion, MI)

"O.J. is an idiot. Maybe someone should take him out, and then write a book about that. That would interest me more & I'd probably buy that one." — Troy

"Please remember that this is America and we still have freedom of speech. Simply don't buy the book, and don't watch any of the interviews. You, too, have rights, and in this case, exercise your right to ignore." — John (San Diego, CA)

"What O. J. is doing is in bad taste, but the man has a right to make a living. This country is creating a permanent criminal class, where we don't allow people to make money because they committed a felony or other crime. When you served your time or are acquitted in a criminal case, as O. J. was, then let people make a living. If you don't like it, don't watch or purchase his products." — Kenneth (Atlanta, GA)

"I totally agree with Mark Fuhrman — O.J. is a lunatic. Reasonable people are furious to learn that an unconvicted killer, is making $3.5 million on this deal. Where's the justice, America? Rewarding crime with riches? Hopefully, this book won't sell, and at the very least, the publisher will go belly-up. " — Chris (North Carolina)

"While he has freedom of speech, per the first amendment, he never should be given any more additional time, on TV, radio or other media to promote his disgusting actions. I could care less about his rationale." — Deena (Sharon, MA)

"I think we are scraping the bottom of the barrel as a society. This is an outrage! Simpson is a murdering loser and has no thought to the pain and suffering this will bring on his children and the Goldmans." — S.L. (Fairview, OR)

"Mr. Fuhrman is correct when he says O.J. is out of his mind. I think the fact that he is still paying this much attention to it, in this manner, says it all. He did it and he's now trying to get the recognition." — Brian (Portland, OR)

"I think this shows what a low class, spiteful individual O.J. is. I firmly believe he is guilty and used his celebrity status and financial backing to beat a murder rap. He is a prime example of what is wrong with today's society: money trumps the law. O.J. has disgraced himself once again, and the publisher that allowed this to happen is not any better." — Dwayne (Texas)

"I think he's obviously losing his mind. The book is probably a compilation of his thoughts on what he should have done differently. He came very close to being convicted of the double-murder, which he committed, and now he is a rambling, Monday morning quarterback." — Ron

"I think the whole story is appalling. I don't believe he should make any profit from this story. CNN recently aired video showing a soldier being killed, and I will not watch or listen to CNN anymore because of that coverage. I believe this type of story falls in the same category!" — Chuck (Placerville, CA)

"That anyone is paying O.J. anything for his book and interview is horrendous. All this is doing is giving this sociopath airtime and money to basically brag about how he brutally killed the mother of his children, and her friend, and got away with it. I don't believe that the money is going to his children. The man is a monster, and if anyone watches this interview or buys his book they ought to be deeply ashamed." — Becky (Colville, WA)

"Let him speak. The trial prosecutors were such amateurs, coupled with a very questionable investigation. I managed attorney E & O for 20 years in the western U.S., and I cringed every day when I watched those clowns put on that case." — Bill (Tiburton, CA)