O.J. Simpson's Book

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UPDATE: Get ready for bad holiday service. Our scheduled American Airlines flight from Raleigh to Washington, D.C., is already 45 minutes late. All the passengers were on board... packed in a stuffy plane... no air or ventilation. Why the delay? American can't find its pilots. Plus, the plane had trash bags all over it... never serviced... pretty gross. Now American has had us get off the plane. Needless to say, we have now been told multiple stories — none of which is consistent with another — and the passengers are furious. One guy was charged $25 extra to change his ticket to this plane. The plot thickens.

Check out the pictures posted today. If you follow the show you know we spent yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina, working on the story about the murder of pregnant Michelle Young in her home. The pics posted today were taken yesterday in North Carolina.

There are so many bizarre things about Michelle's murder — mostly why would someone want to murder this pregnant woman in her bedroom? I have questions about the fax her husband supposedly sent… how she was dressed when her body was found... her mood when her friends saw her on Thursday night preceding her death.... what was the murder weapon... did the killer leave bloody fingerprints on the scene, etc.

The crime scene investigators have been back to the scene several times. Yesterday they had the garage door opened with a ladder outside the garage — check out the pictures posted and you will see the garage door opened in one pic.

By the time you read this blog, we'll be "on the road." We are headed back to Washington, D.C.

The O.J. Simpson book and upcoming interview on FOX Broadcast continue to provoke lots of e-mail. Many are furious that Simpson wrote a book, many are furious at FOX Broadcast for taping an interview with him (it airs later in November.) What is odd is the tremendous amount of interest (which includes the anger) the book has generated. I would have thought people were sick of the Simpson matter. I think I have read every Simpson book and probably would have read this one had it been written 10 to 12 years ago. But now, in 2006, my interest in him or the murder investigation is very much diminished. I have no current plans to read it. Yes, I suppose I might do segments on this topic in the next week or so... and yes, maybe my interest will grow. It is odd, sometimes interest is contagious. If enough people talk about it, maybe my interest will grow... I am not sure.

I confess that the one person who I would like to interview is the publisher of the Simpson book, Judith Regan. She is also the one who taped the interview with Simpson that is set to air on FOX Broadcast later in this month. I am curious what she thought of his book, what he said when he spoke to her, etc.

By the way, since I wrote above about how interest can be contagious, I must admit that I am curious about this new PlayStation. People are standing in line for days to get one. This mania for it makes me very curious about it. I bet if others were not so interested in it, I would not be.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

We can thank LAPD and the California courts for O.J.'s freedom. THEY TRIED TO FRAME A GUILTY MAN! O.J.'s guilt is OBVIOUS to most of us, but knowing that juries can be fickle, LAPD tried to clinch the case by planting evidence. They have had a reputation for corruption and arrogance for decades. They shot THEMSELVES in the foot in the O.J. case and created DOUBT in the jury's mind. THEY botched it... the family suffers! The family should get EVERY dime of proceeds from that book!
Jean Hetherington
Tulsa, OK

E-mail No. 2

It is shameful that FOX, regardless if it's "Broadcast" or "News Channel," would even entertain the thought of giving O.J. Simpson any air time to promote his book. Equally sick are those who will purchase this book. It only goes to show that the appetite for ratings and sensationalism by both the network and the American people take far greater priority than doing what is right.
Mike Taylor
Palm Bay, FL

E-mail No. 3

Whoever came in the house either had a key or Michelle let the person into the house. Was she forced into the bedroom after answering the door or did someone let themselves in and went in search of Michelle and found her in the bedroom?
Lillian Cobb

E-mail No. 4

Greta, I do not know if I am the only one whose feels this way but it seemed to me that the sister's voice on the 911 tape was oddly "remote." There was not much emotion. If it were me I think I would be losing it!
Your thoughts?
Louisa B. Evans
Birmingham, AL

E-mail No. 5

Hey, Greta,
You are not far from my city of Winston-Salem. I hope you like North Carolina, although the weather is not very pretty today. And it is supposed to get cold tonight. My basement got very wet from the storm. I did not hear much during the night. I had taken half of a pill to help me sleep. I've been having some stomach trouble lately.
Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here. But who knows, you may have to be on the road right away again.

E-mail No. 6

Just tuned in and you look cold and bundled up. Have not heard where you are at as of yet!
How do you feel about O.J.? I myself think he did it. I was in Barbados when his trial started and I can remember that the people of Barbados were infatuated with it.
P.S. You just came back at 8:19 and you still look cold.

ANSWER: I was cold last night — outside in North Carolina.

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