O.J. Simpson Speaks Out

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Posted today is some video — very raw (meaning not edited, but posted as shot… for those of you with minds in the gutter!)

The video was shot while we were setting up for the interview with President Bush 41 and Mrs. Bush on Monday. As you know, Monday was the annual event for the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation event in Dallas and so we took the opportunity to talk to President Bush and Mrs. Bush.

I promised in this blog the "behind the scenes" of our work and this video gives you a bit of an idea of what it is like to set up in a hotel room for an interview. I don't know if this video will be of any interest to any of you… but I thought I would try it. Write me and tell me if you found this of any interest. If so, I will keep doing it. Otherwise, I will move on. As an aside, I did not shoot it.

By the time you read this blog, we will be on the road… again. We are headed to North Carolina for the night. The murder of the pregnant woman in her home is what takes us there today.

As an aside, I got lots and lots and lots of e-mails about O.J. Simpson's new book and the upcoming interview of him. I want to make something plain: FOX Broadcast is NOT FOX News Channel. The interview is scheduled to air on FOX Broadcast — not where I work (FOX News Channel.) I have no idea if FOX Broadcast paid or did not pay for the interview. I don't know if they ever do pay or ever have paid for an interview. Here is one thing I know for sure: FOX News Channel has paid NOTHING for this interview. Note: Both FOX Broadcast and FOX News Channel are owned by the same company — News Corp.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Just saw a recent video of your latest coverage on the Duke lacrosse case where you asked panelists (paraphrase) "What motivates Nifong to continue this case?" One theory is that he was just playing the race card for re-election. Unfortunately, according to poll analysis, it worked. I would not be surprised, now that he has been re-elected, if he drops the case, citing new evidence (he could choose from any number of "new" evidences). If so, unfortunately, that will confirm my suspicion that he, and many who voted for him, care less about justice than at getting re-elected and "getting the (white) man."
B. Baxter

E-mail No. 2

I'm no lawyer, but I cannot see any way that these three young men would ever be convicted in this case. I have to ask, if Mike Nifong suddenly returns from Neverland and drops the charges or it goes to trial and they are found not guilty, what kind of recourse do these young men have against not only the accuser, but also the district attorney's office for their unwarranted treatment in all of this?
Fred Wilson
Virginia Beach

E-mail No. 3

If you interview Simpson, I won't watch it.
Jan Queen
Flat Rock, MI

E-mail No. 4

It's just as well Yolanda didn't talk or come on your show. I can't imagine her being on the up-and-up. I think if she had any pertinent info she should (or would) have spoken up long ago. I feel the same about the "second dancer." How many times has she added or deleted from her original story? This whole episode is just a nightmare, but have to admit it's fun to hear about. I'm still waiting to hear any news about the school teacher/beauty queen that disappeared — or did I miss your telling us. Think she lived somewhere in the south, not sure. Enjoy your show, Greta. Keep up the good work!

E-mail No. 5

It is shameful for your network to air anything pertaining to Simpson unless it's that he's dead and buried. He should be shunned.
Torrance, CA

E-mail No. 6

Please advised that effective this day, not one member of this family, nor a single member of our congregation, will ever again tune into programming on your network.
Further, as an avid book reader/purchaser, we will never again buy a single book published by Harper-Collins.
Shame on you for glorifying a murderer and wife abuser. What kind of message are you sending to the youth of this great country?
Disgusted at your actions, I am,
David McMasters

ANSWER: David, I guess you made the mistake… FOX News Channel is not airing the interview. It is FOX Broadcast — these are two different networks, both owned by the same umbrella corporation, but nonetheless two different networks over which I have no power.

E-mail No. 7

If that young woman's husband had anything to do with his wife's murder; he could have given someone a "key" to their home so they could go in and kill her! No one would have to force their way in with a key. So sad!
Sherri Heflin
Philadelphia, MS

ANSWER: At this point, anything is possible… virtually everyone is a possible suspect. Police must consider all possibilities and look at evidence and not jump to conclusions.

E-mail No. 8

My question is: How did the sister get into the house when she went to retrieve the fax? Did she have a key and use it or was the door unlocked? Thanks,
Reg Barron
Woodstock, VT

E-mail No. 9

The guest did not seem to like the idea that the fax may have been related to a gift. :-)
As for O.J. I am not sure he did commit the murders — I doubt he is so stupid to have made himself such an easy target and suspect. And there was a lot of other information that seems (veracity unknown) to have been ignored. As for the civil suit it seems from various reports that the Browns despised O.J. long before their daughter was killed and that jury was most likely not impartial.

E-mail No. 10

Dear Greta,
When Sydney Simpson is older and tells her feelings... that book I will buy. I would buy NOTHING of O.J.'s.
How disgusting is he? His kids must hate him so much. I think his son is in denial, though.
You know when I thought O.J. looked the MOST guilty, Greta? The minute the jury proclaimed him 'NOT Guilty'! Remember how GUILTY he looked right then? Very telling.

E-mail No. 11

Hi again Greta,
I failed to mention the reports came from an ABC affiliate here in Raleigh (Channel 11). Reported the day it happened either on the 6 or 11 o'clock news. Michelle was still shaken from a previous Progress Energy employee that had been abducted and murdered just a few months ago. That was another reason why she was so safety conscience, and on guard.

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