Misinterpreting the Midterms?

I could be wrong, but somehow I think some Democrats — and I stress only some — are misinterpreting the meaning of last week's midterm election.

Hillary Clinton is talking up nationalized healthcare again.

Former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin is talking up raising taxes again.

But let me stress again: voters didn't sign onto either. They signed onto change, but not at the expense of emptying all their change.

They didn't sign on to national healthcare, just better care. And I don't know many voters who said tax cuts were out of control. I know plenty who said spending was and is.

They rightly faulted a Republican Congress that talked fiscal restraint, but didn't practice it.

I don't think they wanted a Democratic Congress to just continue doing the same.

I don't know what's more offensive: A party that preaches fiscal austerity but keeps spending, or a party that promises big changes but keeps lying.

All I "do" know is a lot of Americans are in a foul mood.

They expect those who stand for something to do something — not with policies that failed, but maybe — just maybe — new visions that won't.

All I know is the leaders of the Democratic Party seem out of whack with the largely moderate folks who were elected to Congress in their party and the largely moderate voters who put them there and can just as easily throw their butts out of there.

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