Reading Is Fundamental

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By the time you get this we will be back on the road — headed back to D.C. from Dallas. The show airs from D.C. tonight, unless we get rerouted between now and 10 p.m. ET, but I don't expect it.

I missed last night's show — if you watched, you know that. We did pre-tape yesterday afternoon and aired an interview with former President Bush 41 and Mrs. Bush about the literacy event in Dallas last night (and the reason I was not on the show — I participated in the charity event.) They are raising funds to help families learn to read and write. The interview was folded into the show hosted by my good friend Catherine Herridge .

Last night at the charity event I met a woman — check the pics posted today — who a short time ago could not read. Now, because of Mrs. Bush's foundation, she can read and her life is transformed. This woman addressed the audience at the event and listening to her reminded me of how important literacy is. I don't know about you, but I can forget how important literacy is and how big a problem it is in our country. Reading is such a common part of my day that I forget there are some people who suffer because they can't read. Imagine trying to support your family if you can't even read a job application to apply for a job!

If you watched last night's show, and watched the interview with President and Mrs. Bush that was aired, you know I did not ask the President or Mrs. Bush questions about current events. If you watched my interview — about one month ago — with former President Clinton about the Clinton Global Initiative , you heard essentially the same interview I gave President Bush and Mrs. Bush last night. I got complaints about my interview with President Clinton — people wanted me to ask harsh questions, and I assume I will get them about my interview last night with President Bush 41.

Here is my thinking: When former presidents and their family are no longer in policy jobs but are agreeing to an interview specifically about a charity, and about efforts they are making to help the world, I want to help, too. I appreciate the work they do to help make the world better. I inquire about what they are doing to help. I am curious what they are doing, but there is no "cross examination" about controversial topics. I don't know what value there would have been in asking, "So what did you think of the midterm election results?" of two people trying to raise money to help families learn to read. (And yes, I would like to interview the current president about policy topics/controversial topics. An interview with him would be different than the one of his parents raising money for people who can't read or of President Clinton likewise raising money to help people.)

Doro Bush Koch has a new book out about her father (see pictures posted.) Last night Doro told a story about her brother Marvin at her brother Jeb's wedding. The story — also told in her new book — is hilarious. Only a sibling could tell this story about another sibling. I don't know if the Florida governor will have Marvin's head when he hears... or if Marvin will have Doro's head for telling. Bottom line: it is a great family story. Like I said, it is in the book.

I have posted pictures I took yesterday from the charity event and from the interview.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hey Greta,
I have always wondered why anchors are hardly at their desks anymore. I used to get annoyed with the stand-ups, but I have gotten used to it. Shep does a lot of stand-ups during his 7 p.m. show, but it works nicely, especially with the jib cam zooming in and out. Hopefully you can continue to stay at your desk. Would changing where the anchor is at be a decision made by the director?

E-mail No. 2

Hope you get to sit for as long as you do your show. But, if you want to apprise us that you are wearing Capri pants under your desk, I will applaud you as an innovative trailblazer.
DeRidder, LA

E-mail No. 3

Stay behind the desk. That is what I would do. It is much more comfortable and you could be wearing jeans and sneakers for all we know.
Take care,
Maryann F.

E-mail No. 4

I find the anchors that stand during their program to look a little uncomfortable. To me it looks a bit unprofessional. They need to stay seated.
Lee's Summit, MO

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