God vs. Science

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The cover of this week's edition of Time Magazine caught my attention: "God vs. Science." After a lengthy and unabashedly biased introduction (in my opinion) by Time writer David Van Biema, the article provides a partial transcript of a debate between atheist biologist Richard Dawkins and Christian geneticist Francis Collins. Mr. Dawkins is an Oxford professor and author of a new book, entitled The God Delusion. Mr. Collins has recently published a bestseller, entitled The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief. Both books are worth the read.

As a whole, I found the article somewhat superficial on account of the moderator's approach. It was evident he was more interested in putting together a magazine piece, with strict word limits, rather than allowing the proponents to present their arguments in a thorough and integral way.

I was particularly disappointed because I had recently listened to a similar debate between Richard Dawkins and a friend of mine, David Quinn, who writes for the Irish Independent newspaper. Here, the moderator allowed real back and forth debate, which, in turn, uncovered — in a truly refreshing manner — the fine-tuned "straw men" arguments that often pose as logic in this type of discussion.

Click here to read the complete interview transcript between Dawkins and Quinn from the October 9th edition of "The Tubridy Show" broadcast on Irish radio station RTE Radio 1. Tomorrow, I will post Part II, and preface it with an exclusive look into the workings of the debate and the principle arguments from Mr. Quinn's perspective. He spoke to me last night from Ireland.

On Wednesday, I will try to make practical what this debate may mean for us, for those who are continually seeking for truth about science, nature, and religion. Finally, on Thursday, I will post some of your questions and comments, and respond to a few. Send them my way!

God bless, Father Jonathan

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