Where's the Love?

Talk about tough love.

They say criminals like to leave their mark, but giving out cuddles isn't exactly the kind of calling card that gets a bad boy's blood pumping … except for this guy.

Authorities in eastern Ohio have accused Travis Foster, 27, of attempting to rob a gas station, and when that didn't work, swiping an undisclosed amount of money from a convenience store, The Associated Press reports.

The thing is, police say he hugged the clerks before he left … both times.

Foster was apprehended by sheriff's deputies and is being held in the city jail.

A report will be sent to the prosecutor's office to determine charges.

So Much for French Kissing

PARIS (AP) — Is the French kiss falling short of its reputation? Just 1,188 kissers showed up in Paris on Thursday to try to break the record for the most people kissing in one spot at one moment, Guinness World Records said. They failed to break Budapest's 2005 record for 11,570 people.

The chosen spot this year was not the Eiffel Tower but the lesser known — and less inspiring — La Defense, a modernist business park on the west edge of Paris.

Romantics were undeterred by the small turnout and sought to preserve Paris's reputation.

"Paris is known for romance," said Celine Capet, a 24-year-old student. "It's not a record for, say, the United States to hold — they don't even give kisses on the cheek. And for us, that's what we do every day."

Muriel Deshayen, 24, a French businesswoman who works nearby, met Belgian tourist Gregory Robert, 22, just outside the event and decided to kiss him.

"It'll be a nice memory for him," she said.

Robert agreed, adding, "After all, Paris is the city of love."

The event in Paris was part of the a record-breaking effort organized by Guinness World Records, which staged events from the Americas to Asia, including the world's biggest chess game in Mexico, the largest underwater press conference in Canada and a record for the most kites flown simultaneously in China.

Never Underestimate the Power of Flaming Poop

WAUKEE, Iowa (AP) — John Kimberlin hopes to light a fire under his idea of using manure to produce heat and electricity. Kimberlin, of Waukee, believes he has perfected a small-scale furnace that can be used on farms, at racetracks or anywhere else livestock waste piles up.

Investors have worked to turn manure and biomass into energy, and scientists say it could make Iowa a major producer of power. The state produces enough manure to power 325,000 homes, according to estimates from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

There also are tax incentives that encourage the development of methane digesters to create electricity and control odor.

Kimberlin said he came up with the idea of building a manure furnace from the tons of horse manure he had on his farm west of Des Moines.

He needed to find some way to get rid of it. He said he couldn't spread it on his land without contaminating the water, and hauling it away would be too expensive.

Kimberlin did some small experiments and spent time at the Iowa State University library researching his idea. He eventually received a patent and found some investors.

They formed a company called Nature's Furnace Inc., and are planning to make and sell several different kinds of furnaces.

Kimberlin said the company wants to keep the size of the furnaces small so they can be portable.

He also said the furnace, which will be marketed across the country and overseas, would be produced locally.

"We want to build them right here, to bring the employment here," he said.

Free Spinach Dip? Sign Me Up

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — With the election season over, campaign signs are now worth their weight in spinach dip.

So says the Southeast restaurant chain Sticky Fingers, which is offering a free appetizer to anyone who cleans up the campaign clutter and brings in a sign.

"Just think of those leftover campaign signs as oversized, roadside gift certificates," said Sticky Fingers co-owner Jeff Goldstein. "It's an easy way to help take care of our neighborhoods."

The Charleston-based ribs restaurant will offer coupons for a free appetizer through next Wednesday.

The chain operates 17 restaurants in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Compiled by FOXNews.com's Taylor Timmins.

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