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Yesterday I said I doubted we would do politics since I knew that there would be 24 hours of analysis leading up to our show on three different cable news networks… and of course the analysis on broadcast network. But — alas — just a short time before our show the Associated Press "called" the Virginia Senate race for now Senator-elect Jim Webb. So, of course, we announced it. The AP also hinted that this morning Senator George Allen will concede… so, yes, our plans changed, but not a lot, since we did not spend much time on the AP report — we went back to our earlier programming plan.

We have some "On the Record" programming news: We have a new schedule. Yes, we remain on the air at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. But this is new: We will replay our show at 1 a.m. ET/10 p.m. PT, which means that if you are on the West Coast, you can watch us at our usual 7 p.m. OR watch us at 10 p.m. PT.

Also, still posted today is the video of our trip to the set of hit series "24." Parts of this video aired on our show, but most of this video did not air on our show — so this is the only place you can see it. Click here to watch the clip.

Do you ever feel like terms are hijacked? I do. Congress — both parties — may be the worst offender of hijacking terms. The oldest trick in the book is to pass legislation and give it a title that makes it seem immoral to have any objection to even a tiny clause in the legislation. For instance, the law title "Patriot Act" has always bugged me. I am a patriot, but if I disagree with a single clause — yes, just one clause — in the act, am I not a patriot? You tell me….

And, while I am soliciting e-mails from you — what do you think about the resignation of Secretary Rumsfeld? Did you see it coming? Is this good or bad? (And why?)

Make sure you read E-mail No. 22 below. Last night, I said on TV that it disturbed me that a man whose wife was found dead would hire a lawyer right away if he had nothing to do with it. Yes, he has a right to do so, and yes I am a former criminal defense lawyer and would advise him to do so, but there is something that just unsettles me a bit about it. If he is the TARGET, then he needs to get a lawyer and fast. But if he shows up ready with a lawyer it makes me feel a bit suspicious, even though I know he has every right. E-mail No. 22 is persuasive — the e-mailer makes a good point. Maybe I should not be unsettled by someone jumping and getting a lawyer when a spouse is found dead. I might have been wrong about this one.

Do you think Raoul Felder got my joke? The one I told him on air last night? Whenever I drag my husband to some horrible event that he does not want to be at, he comes up behind me and whispers in my ear, "Do you have Raoul's phone number?" It is his way of teasing me and suggesting that he is going to divorce me for dragging him to the event. I don't think Raoul, divorce lawyer to the world, got my joke when I told him on air — maybe it was not funny.

Now for some e-mails — I just grabbed (copy and pasted) the political ones as I read them. The choice and order is not an agenda, so don't read anything into the order, the number, etc. It is simply random, based on the ones sent our show account. I did decide to post more than I usually do, just to get a sampling of views about the election:

E-mail No. 1

Why does FOX News use the words "seized control" rather than "gained control" of the House of Representatives? Hardly fair and balanced.
Gaile M. Pohlhaus

ANSWER: Gaile, I think we in the media can always work harder to do a better job to be fair and balanced, but I am having a hard time being particularly moved by your comment. Second, I could argue both ways — the Democrats may like the term "seized" — suggesting that they are saving the American people from an administration they have thought not doing the job. Republicans may hate it. On the flip side, perhaps the Democrats hate "seized" since it may suggest "not earned" and the Republicans may love it. But again, I am not losing sleep over this.

E-mail No. 2

This was a SAD, GLAD election. SAD because a socialistic party won; GLAD because the Republicans got the wake-up call, kick in the teeth they so vigorously EARNED, by doing the opposite of every promise they made; spending our money like drunken lottery winners, and just smugly settling in comfortably, on their fat wallets with their heads in the clouds of POWER, doing NOTHING about the people's deep concerns! Now they should get on that billion dollar bridge they built to nowhere and THINK ON THESE THINGS.
What a shame.
Mixed feelings in FLA,
Nett Painter
Jacksonville, FL

E-mail No. 3

Being from Missouri and approaching the senior years, I have asked my husband not to put me into a nursing home regardless, since Ms. McCaskill has now been elected. And if stem cell research has not produced any substantial cures, he can just shoot me in the head; it will be much quicker. I am very disappointed in the results. I do not know much about politics but I do know that if the democrats have their way we will be out of Iraq, which will be a mistake and will make us more vulnerable to the terrorists. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi (or whatever her name is) will bring Cindy Sheehan in as her sidekick. The two of them can take the stage together and show everyone what real idiots they are. Just very tired of negative politics, name calling, and listening to who can out-nasty the rest of them.
Don't use my name,
Kansas City, MO

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I am embarrassed this morning after the elections to be a resident of Nevada. We are at an all time low when a man can be elected as governor when he has three scandals surrounding him. One of which involves the victimization of a woman and battery investigation. This state is more corrupt than any other in the nation and the exploitation of women is at an all time high, nothing will change when men like this are elected to office.
Nevada, number one in deaths by domestic violence at the hands of a spouse or boyfriend.
Do you think any of this will change when our new governor elect is under investigation for battery of a woman he was getting drunk with just three weeks ago?
I have been here five years and have seen more corruption among officials here than any other state of the nation.
I am thankful for all other citizens in America who clearly demonstrated in their votes for the change we so desperately need.
Nameless Female
Henderson, NV

E-mail No. 5

Overall, I feel we are all just another step closer to the end of this world as we know it. I mean this with all sincerity. Since more people have just been elected that endorse and sponsor state-assisted genocide of the unborn as well as the harvesting of human life in order to gather the same stem cells that can be taken from an umbilical cord, to me, this just proves that our Country has truly turned it’s collective back upon the God of the Bible and towards evil. I do not mean to say that the Republican Party is the “holy” party. Never. Yet, the vast majority of their candidates to oppose these very same issues. People want to blame the Republicans for Iraq, for Immigration, for domestic spending. How easy it is for them to forget that none of those things were done without the Democratic Party, too. Well, now the Democrats will try to drag us all down with them and their slippery morals. Personally, if I could afford it, I would move my family as far as I could away from this country. The only problem is that the USA has become just as polluted morally as the rest of the world, if not much worse. This country has become the modern day Babylon.
May God truly have mercy on us all.
Des Moines, IA

E-mail No. 6

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the 5th district in Virginia — GOODE vs. WEED. (LOL) Come on, there has got to be a joke in there somewhere!

E-mail No. 7

All I can say about the elections is: God help us all. I'm glad you're not planning on doing anything on the election. I'm sick of the whole thing. I prayed for God's Will — not mine — to be done. Perhaps He's going to use the Democrats as He used the Babylonians: to punish a wicked nation. But then, remember what happened to the Babylonians.
As always, I'll be watching (your show) tonight,

E-mail No. 8

Well, Greta it was a bad day for my team, but it was a great day for the terrorists in Iraq, Al Qaeda, the Iranian guy, Chavez, the North Korean guy and bad guys everywhere. They have won! The American people voted yesterday and they said that they were willing to sacrifice leadership and our ability to defend ourselves and any allies we might have. The majority said that they were not willing for our country to fight a hard fight to rid the world of the tyrants when we can, to make our future safer for our children and grandchildren. They said that they were willing to allow North Korea, and Iran to have nuclear weapons and to give them to whoever they want. I see where Secretary Rumsfeld has resigned, another good man is gone. Well, England turned its back on Winston Churchill after the war so this is understandable. I hope it all works out, but I fear it will not.
Eight years of President Clinton constantly cutting our military and our ability to gather intelligence led us into 9/11. With President Bush I felt that he was a strong leader that would do his best to protect our country, but the country voted that they didn’t want protected. Greta, I have always enjoyed your program and have exchanging emails, but this will probably be my last. I got so sick of the news during President Clinton’s administration that I for the most part quit even watching, well after this I have quit watching the news, it is the History Channel, Turner Classic movies, the Discovery Channel and the Speed channel for me.
I will probably not watch your program — not because of anything you or FOX did, but I just don’t want to deal with it.
All the best,

E-mail No. 9

I am thrilled with the Democratic wins — hope Pres. Bush gets it. And yes, he will go down in the history books — but not for what he would like. Wow, Rumsfeld couldn't wait to resign this morning. Guess he now gets it! Maybe now the U.S.A can start to regain respect from the rest of the world!

E-mail No. 10

As a mostly Republican voter, I am glad the Democrats won. For years they have been screaming — and I do mean screaming — about this administration. They have never said what they would do, just complained. Now it's time for them to actually do something. I think the next two years will be enlightening and I'll even go so far as to say it will cement a Republican presidential election in 2008.
K. DeYong
Spearfish, SD

E-mail No. 11

I was very upset over the "beating" the Republicans received yesterday. BUT I was absolutely beside myself when I saw Nifong had won. I would have given up every House/Senate/governor race to the Democrats to insure that Nifong lost. He has no business being in that position and I hope they nail him for what he is and force him to resign. Can he be impeached? I can't begin to tell you the total dislike I have for that man. He is a [deleted]. If I knew someone who did voodoo I would get a Nifong doll.
Terri Satterfield

E-mail No. 12

Greta, I had control of the remote all night, as always (a happy wife makes a happy life). I was not surprised and very happy with the results! I have had enough of Bush and I am very happy the Democrats are in control to keep him under control! I can't even tell you how late I was up, I would take a little cat nap every once in a while. Speaking of being happy, I am currently watching the coverage of Rumsfeld stepping down. Thank you!
Michelle Brookfield

E-mail No. 13

Greta, I was disappointed that the house lost so many seats to the Democrats. I really wanted to see better results for the Republicans. I voted and always do.
S. Clinton

E-mail No. 14

Hi Greta,
Wanted to tell Fox about something strange: I live in the Gainesville, FL area. At some point Monday FOX News went off my satellite and did not return until Tuesday a.m. No other news channel went off. Very strange considering the election. Could it have been sabotage? This has never happened before.
Sally Corbin
Trenton, FL

E-mail No. 15

Today is a day of sadness for our country. Am I mad at the Republicans for spending like Democrats and ignoring other problems? You bet — but look what we got in their place. Someone pointed out that for the first time in our history, we will have a socialist for speaker of the House. Is this really what we wanted? And yes, my husband and I performed our civic duty. We went to the polling place in a pouring rain (we both have a virus and we're in our seventies) and voted. Shame on those who sat the election out! They'd better not come complaining to me about the way things are going.

E-mail No. 16

Dear Greta, I watch your show all the time and love it. I am a Republican and continue to vote Republican even though I am very frustrated with my party at the time being. We have not been good stewards of the power entrusted to us and the consequence of losing much of that power is as it should be! Hopefully he Democrats can make a difference for the sake of our nation... we'll see!
Dallas Boggs
Granbury, TX

E-mail No. 17

I'm so upset I can hardly see straight... not surprised, just terribly upset. I'm especially sad about Michael Steele — this white lady was pulling hard for him and praying for him, but in the wrong state to vote for him. : ( The election in general proves that the country is going to hell in a hand basket! It just goes to show how far morality has sunk. But my faith assures me that right wins out in the end. Praise God!
Regarding Nifong: I embarrassed to be in the same state — only a few miles away, but in a different county. Durham has a large black population, as you know, so I guess that explains it. I seriously doubt he would have won in Wake County, though we're being overrun by northern liberals. ; )
C. Perry

E-mail No. 18

I feel better about America today than I did the day before yesterday. The American system self-corrected itself again. For me, the problem was always Republican arrogance. George Bush squeaked into the presidency on a Supreme Court decision in 2000, and was well into a nosedive before September 11 saved him from one-term ignominy. Despite portraying the terrorist attack into the Reichstag fire, he barely carried the popular vote in 2004. Yet from the beginning, the Republicans did not seek consensus, but completely excluded the half of the country who didn't vote for them. They completely excluded the other side of the aisle, and even browbeat and bullied moderates in their own party to pass their radical-right agenda. Let's hope that Democrats don't make the same mistakes. I hope they can make the transition from angry outsiders to responsible legislators.

E-mail No. 19

Hi Greta,
To answer your question about the election results, I am very happy that finally the balance of power has been restored in our government. To have this country in the total control of just one party, without the proper checks and balances is not what our forefathers intended and is detrimental to our democracy and IMO is too much like a dictatorship. It is my hope that both parties will now work together for the better good of the people. Only time will tell, but I am relieved that the era of the ideology in governing is over.
Marie Manzano
Syracuse, NY

E-mail No. 20

Greta: I stayed up until maybe 2 a.m.(?) until I learned Harold Ford lost his seat in Tennessee. I am from Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, I was hoping for him to win — what a fine bright articulate young decent gentleman he was during the campaign and the gutter ad some "brilliant scholar" concocted to bring in the bigotry which I thought was behind us! I am anxiously awaiting the final results in Virginia and will be very, very happy if Allen loses to bring near complete victory to the American public who voted nationally (except Tennessee) for change and a new direction.
We did get rid of some trash here in Pennsylvania, particularly the used car salesman/womanizer hypocrite from the House. Seems the media at your level never really talked about Don Sherwood? Well, he lost. Good riddance to that! I suppose this about summarizes my feelings without a doubt on this election and the present administration, Congress and Senate! Oh! I am also happy that we have our first woman speaker of the House! About time...
P.S. You need a second television!

E-mail No. 21

Hi Greta,
To answer your question in today's blog, I cannot say that I am surprised about the results from yesterday's election. Because we have heard for a few weeks that the Democrats would more or less take over the House. Which, so far, I find to be exactly that way. I for some reason was the political junkie yesterday! I watched for a while in the afternoon before results were known and I watched it until I went to bed last night which is 12 am (Central Time).
Why did I watch it that long? I do not know, I found my self addicted to the results. I was very interested in many races and if I was not watching I was refreshing my Web browser to FOX News on the You Decide 2006! Never in my life did I think I would have been such a political junkie. But I was addicted to it last night!
April Gruetzmacher

E-mail No. 22

If I understood correctly, it bothers you that the husband has hired a lawyer early in this case. I am a former Sheriff's Officer and can tell you that, knowing how law enforcement agencies and personnel investigate some cases, I would immediately hire a lawyer. Law enforcement agencies like to settle cases as quickly as possible and sometimes they get it wrong.
John Sheehan
Fresno, CA

E-mail No. 23

I do not live in Durham County, but I am with you. Jerry (my husband) and I watched the returns last night and I could not believe that Nifong was elected by the people in Durham. Something needs to be done about this man.
Debbie Greensboro

E-mail No. 24

In the meantime, the families of those boys from the Duke Lacrosse Team are spending a FORTUNE in undeserved law expenses, not to mention the expense Nifong has cost the taxpayers by pursuing this folly. Nifong belongs behind bars, ASAP. He is a political whore.

E-mail No. 25

If for some reason I were to be questioned by the police in connection with a crime, particularly if it had to do with me or mine and I were innocent, I would want an attorney present from the outset to protect my rights. Policemen are not one's friends in this situation. I want someone who is on my side so that I am not misquoted later.
Kay Rhodes
Odessa, TX

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