Facing a New Congress

The Democratic Party has captured the House of Representatives and is two extremely close races away from winning control of the U.S. Senate, as well.

"It's a great night for Democrats, it's a great night for America," Sen. Charles Schumer, head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told supporters at the Hyatt in Washington around midnight as Democrats celebrated their wins. "We will tell you and all of America, not only can we do better, but we will do better."

The president called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi early Wednesday morning to congratulate her and her candidates on their win. The phone call was described as "cordial," and both reportedly pledged to work together. Read more.

If you were president, how would you work with an opposition Congress to make sure the next two years are productive?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying.

"Only if they would work with me. Bolton would have to stay. He is too effective to replace with someone who needs to be reminded for whom he or she works. Also, I would continue to nominate judges of Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito's caliber. If the Democrats fall back on their old habits, then I would be very vocal and quick to condemn. No new taxes, no new social programs, and no retreat on Iraq. " — Greg (Brea, CA)

"I would insist that they stand for something, and come up with some sort of agenda other than their lame stance on the war. I would insist that they stop the hate and start doing their jobs. In other words, get serious about the critical issues that our nation faces such as securing our borders, fighting the Islam-fascists, and uniting our country after they so successfully separated us." — Sunny (Colorado)

"I could not work with the incoming group. There is no way. There are worse things than gridlock in Washington." — Mark

"A zebra can't change it's stripes. Verbiage from election campaigns is soon forgotten, but prior actions speak for themselves. Hang on to your wallet because here goes! History will once again repeat itself." — Wayne

"I think this party thing is what causes most of our problems. Many are more interested in what is good for their party and not for the country. One party is afraid the other will do something that will make the other party look good. This election shows what the people will do regardless of the parties. If the people don't feel they have been invited to the party, then they will arrange a new party, with new people." — C.P. (Brimfield, OH)

"Since nobody knows what the Democrats stand for except raising the minimum wage , raising taxes, approving gay marriages, and leaving Iraq , how would anyone know how to work with them?" — T.D. (Pittsburgh, PA)

"If I were president, we wouldn't have lost Congress. I would have spent the last six years holding Republicans in both houses accountable for straying from conservatism. I would also do the same with the remnants of congressional Republicans." — Jeff (Waleska, GA)

"If I had an 1,000-acre ranch to go home to, I would tell them, 'Take this job and shove it.'" — Adrian

"If I were president, I would definitely work with the opposing side regardless how much it hurts. But I would stay true to my convictions and not let them change my views. Bush is a good man; I think he has surrounded himself with some who don't give good advice. It was time for a change, and now the Republicans need to regroup and re-evaluate what they believe." — Stephanie (Washington, D.C.)

"I would reach out as the president has already indicted he would do. Then, I would bring John Bolton's nomination to committee and vote. If he is attacked as he was before, then we know it is business as usual." — William

"Yes, I would be able to work with our friends across the aisle the same way that Ronald Reagan did. I would listen to their ideas, debate the issues, and work towards the overall picture of what is right for our country, and the world." — J.C.

"When I go to work, I do not ask my co-workers if they are Republicans or Democrats because there is a job to do and we get it done. If I were president, it wouldn't be any different. Instead of the road-blocking tactics and disrespect, everyone needs to put the pettiness aside and work it out. So I think the next two years will tell if the Democrats are willing to work for the better of the people or are in for their own personal agenda." — Gladys

"Reagan went to the people with his plans and ideas. Congress was under Dem control, but he won anyway. Bush has not been 'out front' enough to counter the Left. If I were president, I would talk to the people, and use the 'Bully Pulpit' to my advantage. I would get back to Conservatism, and not just roll over and become a 'welcome mat' for Hillary Clinton." — Jack

"How would I work with the new Congress? I would tell them, 'You have been doing nothing but condemning us for so long. So now you have the seats, what is your plan? Send one to me, and as long as it doesn't threaten national security, I will share it with the American people and let them see what was proposed.'" — Richard

"I would do everything I could to get along with them, just to show the people of the U.S. that I tried, but they were too busy trying to impeach or raise taxes or whatever is on their agenda." — Georgette (Renton, WA)

"If I were president, I would change my party's leadership in both the House and Senate. I would instruct them to bring in people who will promote the conservative philosophy, and ask for the resignation of any member of the House or Senate who has done anything corrupt. I would instruct my secretary of defense to play 'hardball' in Iraq, and increase the number of troops, primarily with Special Forces personnel. I am not prepared to say that I am willing to work with the Congress, but I would say that I am willing to change my approach to the war in Iraq in response to the will of the people." — Don (Chandler, AZ)

"I'd be as cooperative as they were with the Republicans." — Cleo

"If I were president, I wouldn't work with the Democrats on anything but budget items. They cannot be trusted." — Myren (Waipahu, HI)

"Well, if I were president, I would say, American has spoken I need to listen. Staying the course must be repackaged with the Democrats' seal of approval (ie., with an end in sight). Let's bring peace and prosperity back to America! I would also call Dems out on the carpet to propose an Iraq solution and see what develops." — Stan (Philadelphia, PA)

"As president, I would stay true to the principles, promises, and platform for which I was elected. However, I would try my level best to work with Congress and the Senate to compromise on those issues that don't violate my principles and that serve the best interests of the American people. If I felt the irrational hatred of my administration were seriously hindering the governmental process, I would institute a bimonthly televised presidential broadcast to take my message and concerns directly to the people, with the hope that this would pressure the elected officials to take care of the business of government rather than that of partisan politics." — Ed (Redmond, WA)