Can't Make This Up

911 Call to Vote

How serious do you take your right to vote? One Pennsylvania woman felt it was a matter of life or death! In fact, she called 911 when she had no way to get to the polls.

Instead of the 911 operators being upset with 95-year-old Anna Urban for tying up the phone lines, they were proud to help. The dispatchers forwarded the call to the Berks County Election Services office where arrangements were made to pick up Ms. Urban and escort her to the polls. “I’ve voted all my life,” commented Urban. “You need to vote to be a good citizen.”

Ms. Urban said she has been voting since Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office and she wasn’t about to stop now!

Campaign Clean-Up

Do you hate the leftover campaign signs littering people’s lawns weeks after the elections are over? Well one South Carolina restaurant owner has a plan to help clean up the neighborhood.

Jeff Goldstein is giving free appetizers to anyone who brings in a campaign sign to his restaurant Sticky Fingers. “Think of those leftover campaign signs as oversized, roadside gift certificates!”

What a great idea! Free food and a cleaner neighborhood! Now if only someone would start a campaign for people to bring in leftover holiday decorations we’d be all set!

Monster Snails?!

Imagine walking outside in the morning and seeing giant snails the size of a human hand taking over your lawn. No, it’s not a science fiction nightmare you’re having, you’re probably just in Barbados!

The island nation of Barbados is facing invasion by a breed of giant African snails. These snails are not only a nuisance, but are a threat to the sugar cane, banana, and papaya crops which are vital to the country’s economy. What’s worse is that the snail slime is know to transmit meningitis and other diseases, so this could mean health problems for people who come in contact with the snails.

Efforts are being made to wipe out the hundreds of thousands of snails which are swarming the island, but apparently it is not as easy as one would think. The snails come out in swarms at night, but by day they can be a bit trickier to find in large groups. This has set in motion a veritable “snail hunt” when the sun goes down.

Now, if they are the size of a human hand, and they move at the rate of about 0.000362005 mph, how hard can it really be to track these pests down?

Stupid Speeding

Ever punch the gas just in time to catch yourself speeding past a cop car? What about speeding in the parking lot of a police office? That’s what Alvin Dean of Stock Island, Fla., did. But speeding turned out to be the least of his problems!

Dean not only had a suspended license at the time, but also had marijuana and cocaine in his pockets! What was this guy thinking? He was arrested for possession of these drugs and drug paraphernalia, in addition to getting a warning for speeding. Talk about bad judgment!


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