Help Wanted!

Dear Daily Doocy Readers,

The "Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook" (now a New York Times best seller) has touched a chord in America! Forget that it's the No. 1 humor book in America, and the No. 1 family and advice and relationship book; it's a book I wrote for you and now I want to share something special with you as a way of saying thanks!

People have been looking for POSITIVE stories about HAPPILY MARRIED people, and now they've found it. Because so many of you are buying it and reading it, and reviewing it for me, the publishers have a great idea: They want to put YOU in the book!

When the paperback version of the book comes out, in addition to my 20 years of "hilarious" and "laugh-out-loud funny" observations on marriage, they want to include a bunch of your stories as well! What an opportunity! How many times in your life will you have the chance to be in a New York Times TOP TEN best seller? (Bill O'Reilly, put your hand down, this is for everybody else!)

Here's what you do: After you've read the book, e-mail me the funniest single thing that ever happened in your marriage. If you're not married, e-mail me the single funniest thing that happened to a married couple you know: your parents, your neighbors, maybe you once upon a time. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS, e-mail the stories to

So send the stories, after you've read the book. I suggest you read the book first, so you'll know the format and so it'll fit better.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy, may I suggest or, OR there's a great deal at if you buy two autographed copies, they'll donate a third copy to a military family. Just their way of bringing some happiness to folks who really need it.

I personally read EVERY story, so get cracking, and good luck! It would be a pleasure to have your story in my book when it comes out in paperback!

Thanks again, and be happy!

Steve Doocy