Political Tussling in Tennessee

Senator Bill Frist is leaving his seat empty, and somebody has to fill it.

Democrat Harold Ford Jr. and his Republican opponent Bob Corker have each waged an intense, and sometimes personal, campaign. Corker, the former mayor of Chattanooga, has raised concerns with the Ford family's history in politics — how did his opponent respond? FNC's Carl Cameron has the details. Click over to watch his report.

Plus, check out FNC's expert political analysis of the heated contest:

Video: Bob Corker outlines his stance on the issues

Video: Harold Ford Jr. explains his positions on the issues

Video: Tennessee candidates get down and dirty in battle for Senate seat

Video: Candidates discuss nasty campaign ads in their final debate


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Here's what people are saying:

"I plan to vote for a businessman — Bob Corker. No more political life-time people for me. The mayor of New York has done a great job, and I hope my old mayor from Chattanooga will too! Henry Ford Jr. has never had a real job! " — Peg (Chattanooga, TN)

"I'm voting for Harold Ford Jr. I think the ads attacking him were a disgrace. To me, he seems like a man with integrity who is well-informed on the issues that matter to folks here in Tennessee. He can count on mine and my husband's support on Election Day." — Sylvia (Nashville, TN)

"No question about it, I will vote for Bob Corker. Ford claims he is conservative on the issues but not according to his voting record. I think he is lying. In my opinion, he comes from a political family that is corrupt, so how can we trust him?" — Vickie