Neck and Neck in New Jersey

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Is the Garden State deadlocked?

Polls show incumbent Bob Menendez just about tied up with his GOP challenger Tom Kean Jr. Former presidential candidate John Kerry has been stumping for Menendez in the state. Could big-name support be the tie-breaker in this tight race? FNC's Carl Cameron is on the scene. Click over to watch his report.

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Here's what people are saying:

"Although Kean is a RINO, and not a very bright one at that, I will vote for him because I believe the alternative is an unethical, untrustworthy, corrupt liar with Socialist leanings who will help the Democrats achieve a majority in the Senate." — Mary

"I'm voting for Menendez. The Kean campaign has focused on very negative tactics, accusing Menendez of corruption and scandal, but to me, it seems like they're trying too hard. I like Governor Corzine, and I trust the man he chose to replace the Senate seat he left vacant." — Christophe (Princeton, NJ)