Campaigning in Connecticut

Republicans to the rescue?

Incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary to challenger Ned Lamont and was forced to continue his re-election campaign as an independent. Now, could GOP voters be the key to his victory? It's one of the hottest Senate contests in 2006, and FNC's Carl Cameron has the details. Click over to watch his report.

Plus, check out FNC's expert political analysis of Connecticut's crucial House races:

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Ned Lamont (D)

Dear FOX Fans,

I am running for U.S. Senate because it is time to end "business-as-usual" in Washington. As a small businessman who built a Connecticut company from scratch, I could no longer sit by while Senator Lieberman legislated in lockstep with Bush.

My campaign has been tremendously energized and fueled by statewide grassroots efforts and 20,000 Internet supporters. Hundreds of residents are knocking on doors and calling their neighbors. We have been unafraid of the enormous challenge in beating an 18-year incumbent who has raised more than $17 million so far. Read more.

Joe Lieberman (Ind)

Editor's note: We are still waiting for a response from the Lieberman campaign. To find out Joe Lieberman's stance on the issues, please visit his campaign website here.