On the Set of '24'

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I am writing this blog earlier than usual — Wednesday night for Thursday morning posting. Why? Because in about an hour I board the redeye for the East Coast and I will be up all night flying and not feeling particularly ambitious when I hit the East Coast. If I don't write it now, the blog won't happen.

By the way, I assume that you have been watching all the news and reading all the papers about the pending election. I am not sure at this point what more information you need to make your decision for Tuesday. I am a bit "over" all the fighting and shots across the bow by the candidates and I am ready for the election to occur. I suspect you have reached your decisions about the various candidates on your ballot. So, as the election date approaches, we are attempting to give you some of the top news of the day — including politics — but also then present some other lighter topics.

Incidentally, I have received many, many, many e-mails about Senator Kerry 's remarks — overwhelmingly the e-mails are critical of the senator. I am not posting them below only because there are so many and the message for the most part is the same.

By the way, here is an odd question for frequent travelers: What ever happened to shampoo? Because of recent travel restrictions by TSA , I did not bring enough shampoo on this week long "road trip." Thus, I had to turn to that provided by hotels in their bathrooms and each hotel I stayed in had "hair wash" and not "shampoo." That is what was written on each bottle I opened and used. What's with that? "Hair wash"??? What was wrong with shampoo? I observed this in two hotels in two different cities on this road trip. By the way, in discussing this new description of shampoo with my traveling colleagues, one confessed that she did NOT read the bottle carefully that morning and instead of conditioner, put “body lotion” on her hair and could not rinse it all out. She was annoyed.

I have posted some pictures from our interview with Sharon Osbourne at the Osbourne home. Several of the pics are of their dogs — including Lola, the bulldog, made famous by MTV's reality show, "The Osbournes."

Yesterday we took our cameras to the set of the hit series,"24," so that you could see the set, too. I figure you won’t get a chance to go behind the scenes, so we would take advantage of our connections and take you there.

Jon Cassar, who is the executive producer/director of "24," has a new book out: "24: Behind the Scenes." (If you are a "24" fan, get the book — it is a picture book and really fun to look at.) Cassar and actor Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida on "24") gave us the tour of the set. You will see the video tonight on our show. It was fascinating to actually walk the set of CTU! As you might imagine, it looks different in person than on TV with actors on it.

If you watch "24," you will love this “behind the scenes” video. Jon and Carlos also told us some interesting inside stories and showed us where memorable scenes occurred on the set. We learned how the show is put together and how complicated it is to put it together.

However, we were not able to pry the secrets of season 6 from them. That information is closely guarded and I suppose that is a great idea for viewers who don’t want the suspense ruined by leaks. Season 6 starts in January. We did learn that about 10 episodes of the 24 episodes of Season 6 have already been completed.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
Here I am... green Bonnie... oh to be able to be on that field trip with you to the set of "24." Hire me, please.
I also want to thank you for your refreshing show where the whole thing isn't politics. You are right that we've had enough up until 10:00. Actually I had enough months ago.
People are saying they can't wait for this election to be over so the ads stop, but I hate to rain on everyone's parade. I would imagine that as soon as this election is over, the focus will be on the 2008 election and we will have two years of these ads. What a shame.
As for the Duke rape case, I agree with you. I don't understand why this prosecutor hasn't talked to the alleged victim, nor has he looked at the alibi information for that one young man. If this is political, shame on him. If he really has a case to prosecute, then shame on me for thinking he isn't doing his job correctly.
Bonnie Butryn
Escanaba, MI

E-mail No. 2

I think Mike Nifong is a joke. The duke rape case should not even be considered a case; it is a complete fabrication from a lunatic stripper. This case needs to be thrown out so everyone involved can move on with their lives. I hope Mike loses his campaign and receives some sort of punishment for his use of this case.
Tim Gardner
Chicago, IL

E-mail No. 3

I met someone that used to work at FOX last summer as an intern who told me that the e-mails you include in your columns are often scripted by your staff to make you look good or set you up to respond in order to make a point that 'seems' solicited when it is not. In fact, I have heard this about yours and other FOX anchors' blogs many times and so I suspect there is some truth to it. Who knows? It is obvious you do not trust the actual viewer e-mails or else you would allow your readers to post responses that are not censored and hand-picked by using the format where the viewer's response posts instantly to the webpage in real time. Like all the other blogs have. Yours seems to be the exception and the only reason I can guess is the explanation I have submitted above. Disk space cannot be an issue since GBs cost pennies these days. Liability cannot be an issue since the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled hosts are not liable for the messages posted by their site visitors on their own site. So why would you not allow the reader to post their own comments without you needing to play moderator? It would sure give you more free hours in the day with one less job to do. I can only guess the intern is being truthful. For instance, I dare you to include this message in your column.
Just for the record, the e-mails you posted today, had a clear agenda. I am not sure what it was and I doubt I would have perceived any agenda had they been posted among others with diverse opinions, but when you read a series of e-mails all with the same basic message that spells AGENDA in caps. Life is just not that sterile as your e-mails were today. It was a step or 100 outside the bounds of nature. You expect people to read and accept those views at face value? Or you only want viewers that are mentally handicapped? Whatever your agenda is and whoever you want to target it at, I suggest you take a deep look into the nature of your passive-aggressiveness because life for you must really suck if this is your select strategy towards problem-solving. Good luck!
C. Gold

ANSWER: The intern you met is either a liar or uninformed… or perhaps both. Your willingness to assume this about me makes you look small. (As an aside, "What’s wrong with people?”)

E-mail No. 4

Though I believe the Duke boys are spoiled, very privileged people, I do think they are getting a raw deal because someone is trying to be elected. Someone needs to stand by their convictions and turn the political table on Nifong.
Shame on him.

E-mail No. 5

What a farce! DA Nifong should be fired. He’s obviously in the pocket of someone and is “fixing” this case, for his own political reasons. I hope it backfires, and that clear thinking people will vote him out of office. If I lived in Durham, I would definitely not vote for him. He should be disbarred.

E-mail No. 6

Your show was my favorite when you did legal subjects and had your panel. Now you flit around to Reno, Las Vegas, LAX, etc., doing air brain interviews. Your talents are being wasted. When will the "legal meat" return to your show? What is wrong with your producers? They are straying from your expertise and qualifications. It is like a segment of "Entertainment Tonight" instead of a legal-based serious show. I have been a fan since your days at CNN, but I am losing interest.

E-mail No. 7

Enjoyed interview with man that lost his memory for a month — what must have happened is that his very heavy set girlfriend probably sat on his head and squashed the memory cells in his brain.
Dr. Heidi Gruder, MD
San Diego, CA

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