Mixing it up in Missouri

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Controversial campaign ads are dominating the debate in this state.

A proposed amendment to support stem cell research has heated up the Senate race in Missouri, with GOP incumbent Jim Talent firmly opposing the bill, and opponent Claire McCaskill staunchly supporting it.

Will controversial campaign ads with Parkinson's-afflicted actor Michael J. Fox tip the scales in the Dems favor? FNC's Carl Cameron takes you to the showdown in the Show Me state. Click over to watch his report.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

Claire McCaskill (D)

"I am voting for Claire McCaskill and yes, I do support stem cell research. Although I know many are against it, I do feel without the chance for research we are never going to move ahead. I have had enough of the Republicans and am ready to take a chance on the Dems. We are all in this together, and party lines make me sick sometimes. The brow beating gets to be to much." — Marilyn (Independence, MO)

Jim Talent (R)

"Jim Talent gets my vote! Republicans must retain the Senate majority for the safety of our nation. Mr. Talent also represents the traditional values of the majority of my fellow statesmen. The stem cell initiative is criminal in its intent to place a hold on our tax dollars, with no accountability." — Shelley

"I am voting for Jim Talent, because he has done a lot for this state, and I am voting for the stem cell research. I do not trust McCaskill because of all of the things she has been involved. If you think we have been paying too much in taxes, just wait. If the Democrats get back in power, watch out!" — Ginny (Washington, MO)

"I'll cast my vote for Jim Talent. He's always shown himself to be honest and his heart is in the right place for Missouri voters. I don't believe in voting for change just for the sake of change. If you want me to change my vote then tell me why you're better, don't just tell me how bad the other person is. That's mentally shallow and assumes that the voter is too ignorant to make a logical decision based on facts." — D.P. (Warrentown, MO)

"I've already voted, and Jim Talent gets my vote. I think Claire McCaskill is a very qualified candidate. If times were different, she would get my vote. But Nancy Polesi, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and the rest of the ultra liberals running the Dems haven't got a clue about Missouri values. We can't afford to send them any support in the way of a Democratic Senator." — Keith (St. Louis, MO)

"I am voting for Jim Talent. He has been good for Missouri in the past and he will be good for the future. He is for controlling our southern US borders and I agree with him that we do not need an amendment on stem cell research. I have Type II Diabetes and I still disagree with Amendment 2. I will do whatever I can to see that the Senate does not go to the Democrats. Heaven Forbid that to happen." — Wanda (Strafford, MO)

"I will be voting for Jim Talent based on his opposition to cloning and many other issues that we see eye-to-eye on. I can't say that im terribly impressed with our government as a whole right now, but I certainly don't want to see McCaskill get in there." — Jason (Unionville, MO)

"My husband and myself will both vote for Senator Jim Talent. Although we do not agree with his opposition to stem cell research, the other benefits that Missourian's will receive by re-electing Senator Talent far outweigh his stance on stem cell research. Senator Talent is a proven winner for Missouri. Voters need to realize that they can vote FOR Senator Talent and also FOR the stem cell research amendment. You are not voting for, or against stem cell research simply by the candidate that you choose!" — Lynde (Kansas City, MO)

"I'm voting for McCaskill, because I support stem cell research, and because I want to see the Dems back in the majority in the Senate. The Republicans have had their chance, and they haven't done anything good with it. It's time for a change." — Billie (Columbia, MO)

"I will be voting for Jim Talent. I really thought about not voting at all, because I am so disgusted with politics in general. But, after listening to Rush Limbaugh talk with another disgruntled voter, and give his reasons why we should vote even if we aren't thrilled with who we are voting for, I decided that it would be better to vote for a Republican than possibly allow a Democrat to be elected. I am also voting against the stem cell issue." — Linda (Buckner, MO)