In the Fray in Indiana

Who will the Hoosiers pick for the House?

There are several big races in Indiana in 2006. GOP Rep. John Hosttetler is lagging Dem challenger Brad Ellsworth in the polls, and immigration reform and same-sex marriage are the hot topics in debates between the two. FNC's Carl Cameron is on the scene in Indiana. Watch his report.

Also, who will come out on top in the seventh district race? A new poll shows Democratic U.S. Rep. Julia Carson narrowly trailing Republican Eric Dickerson — an outcome that, if it holds on Election Day, would be one of the biggest upsets in Indiana politics.

Plus, check out the rest of FNC's coverage of other contests in the state:

Video: Three House GOP incumbents face tough competition

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Eric Dickerson
Eric Dickerson (R)

Dear FOX Fans,

My name is Eric Dickerson and I'm running for Congress because I think a congressional district is a terrible thing to waste. My campaign is about change and vision. I offer the people of Indianapolis — Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters alike — a new path forward; a path based on positive leadership, vigor, fresh ideas, and consensus building that will improve the lives of all our citizens.

My opponent, Julia Carson, has represented Indiana's 7th District for 10 years. I have tremendous respect for her. She has been a courageous leader who has served her community with distinction. Read more.

Julia Carson (D)

Editor's note: We are still waiting for a response from the Carson campaign. To find out Julia Carson's stance on the issues, please visit her campaign website here.