YOU DECIDE 2006 — Ned Lamont

Dear FOX Fans,

I am running for U.S. Senate because it is time to end "business-as-usual" in Washington. As a small businessman who built a Connecticut company from scratch, I could no longer sit by while Senator Lieberman legislated in lockstep with Bush.

My campaign has been tremendously energized and fueled by statewide grassroots efforts and 20,000 Internet supporters. Hundreds of residents are knocking on doors and calling their neighbors. We have been unafraid of the enormous challenge in beating an 18-year incumbent who has raised more than $17 million so far.

Every candidate should tell you where he or she stands. We need change in Washington, D.C. There are too many scandals, too much support of special interests and too little oversight of key decisions made by Bush. I want people to find out more about me — call my offices, visit my website,, and see what a candidate can offer voters and the state. I will stand up for the citizens of Connecticut by making common sense choices, refocusing our energies on domestic issues, and advocating for policies that are good for our people, our environment and our economy.

The war in Iraq is draining resources that we should be using to educate our kids, repair our infrastructure, and take care of our veterans and seniors at home. It has damaged our international standing, and the consensus of our sixteen government intelligence agencies is that it is also hurting our efforts in the war on terror, and making America less safe.

We must redeploy our front line troops, and make it clear that ours is not an open-ended commitment. Only then will the Maliki government take responsibility for bringing their country out of civil war. Why do we continue to sacrifice brave American troops when there is no clear military objective? Our soldiers have done all we have asked of them, and now the unity government of Iraq must take the reins and do the work necessary for peace. We will be there for rebuilding, for humanitarian support, and to provide training and security - but it is necessary to develop and implement an exit strategy.

The Bush Administration is just not serious about good government, and Senator Lieberman is supporting these failed policies. In a 42-minute hearing, Lieberman voted to confirm patently unqualified Michael Brown to lead FEMA.

We are experiencing unprecedented governmental forays into our personal lives, as demonstrated at Terry Schiavo's bedside.

Judicial oversight of the Executive has declined. Gas prices go up, and Lieberman supports the Cheney energy bill giving billions to oil companies. Seniors worry, and Lieberman constantly waffles on privatizing Social Security and Medicare. Healthcare costs skyrocket, and Lieberman joins Bush in doing nothing for universal health care.

I'm offering Connecticut voters a change. As a candidate who doesn't accept special interest contributions, I will be a Senator that works for all the voters, not just those who can afford to max-out to my campaign. I will be part of the solution to the problems Connecticut voters face.

Thank you,

Ned Lamont

For more information, please visit the Lamont campaign website at