Vying for a Seat in Virginia

Who will dominate in the Old Dominion State?

The Virginia Senate campaign turns negative as Republican Senator George Allen fights to keep his seat against a strong challenge from Democrat Jim Webb. A recent L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll gave Webb the lead at 47 percent to 44 percent, still within the margin of error. But how are ballot initiatives playing out across the country? FNC Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron is on the scene in Harrisonburg, Va. Click over to watch his report.

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Here's what people are saying:

"I'm voting for Sen. Allen because he's a fellow conservative, and I agree with him on many issues." — Virginia (Virginia)

"Jim Webb is going to get my vote on November 7. I'm tired of politics, and maybe with a Democratic majority, things will finally change in Washington and in this country." — Grace (Norfolk, VA)

"Senator George Allen will receive my vote on November 7, and I will cast that vote with great pride. After John Kerry's words about how sick he is with Republicans politicizing his words, and then saying 'I hope the voters take this shame with them to the polls next Tuesday' describes in one sentence the entire Democratic Party. What about us voters who keep giving people like John Kerry a chance, and they just use it to further harm our country. Mr. James Webb does not deserve that chance." — Mark (Virginia)