Rhode Island Rivalry

Who will stay afloat in the Ocean State?

Incumbent Senator Lincoln Chafee says he didn't even vote for president Bush, but Republicans may still rally around him to prevent Dem challenger Sheldon Whitehouse from taking the seat and shifting the balance of power in the Senate.

Could support from GOP bigwigs make the difference in R.I.? FNC's Carl Cameron is on the scene with the story. Click over to watch his report.

Plus, check out FNC's other coverage of this key Senate race:

Video: GOP incumbent trailing in the polls

Video: Republicans rallying around Chafee


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Here's what people are saying:

"Lincoln Chafee will get my vote in Rhode Island, because I think Sheldon Whitehouse was a lousy attorney general for the state of Rhode Island." — W.G.

"I'm voting for Sheldon Whitehouse, because I am tired of career politicians. It's time to elect someone who is in Washington to represent his constituents, not just to further his own importance." — Ellen (Providence, RI)