Rep. Gibbons Wins Release of Tapes of Alleged Assault Scene

A judge has ordered police to release video surveillance tapes from the parking garage where a casino cocktail waitress claims a Nevada congressman running for governor assaulted and propositioned her.

"I think it's important that Congressman Gibbons have the ability to have this evidence," District Court Judge Don Herndon said Tuesday, just before ordering Las Vegas police to release the video to Gibbons and his accuser's lawyers.

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Herndon said releasing the video would not compromise an ongoing criminal battery investigation into the accusation, and would not violate either parties' privacy.

"It's all been aired," Herndon said, noting the back-to-back news conferences held last week by lawyers for Gibbons, a Republican, and Chrissy Mazzeo.

Mazzeo says Gibbons pushed her up against a wall, held her arms and made a sexual advance in a parking garage near a bar where the two had been drinking with a group of people. Mazzeo withdrew the complaint the next day, but asked police to reopen the investigation Monday.

Gibbons denies her account. He says he was walking Mazzeo to the garage when she slipped less than 10 feet from the entrance. He caught her by her wrist, stood her up and walked away, Gibbons says.