Living Large in Las Vegas

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I logged onto GretaWire yesterday because I wanted to see the pictures Adam Housley sent me from the California wildfires. I was stunned by his pics — they were gorgeous and of course make my "point and shoot" pics look even more amateurish than they are. I guess I should keep my "day job." Adam's few pictures really tell a story and unfortunately a sad one.

We are headed to Los Angeles this morning — we are probably at the airport or even in L.A. by the time you read this. Since we are on the West Coast we are taking advantage of some other stories that we have wanted to cover. One of the stories we will do is Sharon Osbourne's new book, "Extreme." It is her autobiography and while I know Sharon, I learned many new things about her life by reading the book. In Sharon's characteristic way — she is blunt — she reveals that her life has not always been what you might think. Likewise, you get an inside look at her husband Ozzy and their children. We are going to go to their home today and do the interview.

We have a few other stories that we are working on while in California, including a walk around the set of the hit series, "24." We are doing that tomorrow and we might board a redeye tomorrow/ Wednesday night for the East Coast. I write "might" since our plans always change. And, as always, we are vigilant for any breaking news and will bring you any news that might happen during the day or during our hour.

Posted today are some pictures from some of the high-roller suites at Caesar's Palace. I was told you can't rent these rooms — they are reserved for the high rollers. Last night we showed you video from the inside of the expensive suites at The Palms — those rooms at The Palms are not free to high rollers, those rooms are rented. And yes, at incredible prices: One is $40,000/night — yes... a night!

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