Breaking Tackles and Expectations

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Happy Halloween!

For my money this is the most overblown, fastest-growing holiday in the country. Have to admit we made the best of it with the cutest kids Gretchen ever had — two, to be exact — and the cutting-edge, best pumpkin-carving woman in America.

The big new today is yet another supermodel came by to visit the set and, like Elle McPherson, she was quite attractive. Of course today was all about the elections and why not no one knows how this thing will shake out and it seems like every other guest that comes by is concerned about the new voting screens.

Tiki Barber stole the first hour as we finally took some time to talk about his surprise retirement announcement. We all knew it was likely, but unlike The New York Times, we thought he should make the announcement. I love all the sports anchors and reporters who think they know that Tiki is all wet on this and that he will never be a credible news anchor. They clearly do not get up at 6 a.m. every Tuesday. One minute he's breaking tackles on national TV, hours later he is refilling staplers in our newsroom as he hammers out his notes to get ready for his show. There is not one other active player in any sport that would do what he does. Keep in mind, he's among the best in the game at any position, but he chooses to talk about stem cell research or Virginia's Senate race.

Steve's book, "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook," continues to rage on The New York Times best-seller list and all of you are to credit for it. OK — Steve's funny and the book is great, but you are the most loyal viewers on the planet and we thank you.

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