Viewers Speak Out About New Allegations in Duke Rape Investigation

I hear you!! My e-mail is swamped with letters about the Duke alleged rape case. Here is a sample:

E-mail #1:

I have no doubt these rich, spoiled, arrogant, privileged, young men are obnoxious, self-centered and a myriad of other bad adjectives. And with alcohol, ego, and testosterone they might even be capable of rape. However it doesn't look a rape took place. It appears the unidentified woman simply made up the story for personal and/or financial reasons.


E-mail #2:

I certainly applaud your outrage over the way Nifong has been handling the alleged rapes at Duke U. What disturbs me is the lack of universal outrage over our system of justice when prosecutors, by their own rules, are supposed to seek justice first - and don't! Nifong is seeking political office first. He doesn't give a damn about justice and he ought to be recalled. Why is everyone so laid back about this case? Where does one go to complain?


Rhode Island

E-mail #3:

I don't know if they are guilty or not but these guys have great defense attorneys and money (status). Why? They are letting the news media influence the jury pool. If this was small town USA, say a community college, no one would know all these "facts" and no one would have an opinion, you included.



E-mail #4:

What most people are not aware of is that there are many more victims than the boys. Also destroyed are their parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends. You should also consider every person on the Duke lacrosse team, and the coaches, cheerleaders and support staff.

E-mail #5:

Now that Mr. Nifong has disclosed that he has not even interviewed the accuser, the witnesses, or the accused in the Duke Lacrosse case, it is clear that he does not have ANYTHING other than what has been disclosed by the media.

E-mail #6:

I am angered by the apparent injustice being propagated by a public official who is supposed to uphold justice (both for victims and suspects). Still, I think it is important to allow the system to proceed, and if the Duke lacrosse players are vindicated, and no further evidence arises to justify their prosecution, I believe that Federal authorities should step in to prosecute Mr. Nifong for civil rights violations against the Duke players. Further, the accuser should also be prosecuted with the full force of the law.



E-mail #7:

I just listened to your commentary on the news about the 2nd woman involved in the Duke rape case. I found it lacking and somewhat misleading. The reason I say so is that it seems FOX News is presenting the information inaccurately. That is that while the woman did say the accuser said “put marks on me —that’s what I want”, the context of that statement is in question. As reported by you it would sound as if the accuser was in a grocery store and made these statements to create a false accusation.


New York

E-mail #8:

This was clearly an attempt by the "dancer" to take advantage of what she saw as "well to do" young men. She banked on them settling the dispute with cash and then going their separate ways. What, it seems, she didn't bank on was the spotlight hungry prosecutor who tried the boys in the media. The story blew up out of control, and became a circus that the accuser didn't expect.



There were many, many e-mails and I had to shorten these to fit them in.

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