Hot Midterm Races — The South

The South is heating up in 2006, with one Senate seat up for grabs in Maryland, and a bitter battle raging in Virginia. Immigration reform is one issue that's feeding the flames — what are the other major concerns of voters in the South? Check out the races below and find out.

A Senate seat is up for grabs, and both candidates have shown they're willing to fight for it. Although this state is historically blue, there's evidence that it may go red this year. FNC's Carl Cameron is on the scene with analysis. Watch his report.

It's a state for lovers — and in 2006, it's for fighters too. Incumbent Senator George Allen is struggling to retain his seat in the Senate, and the GOP has sent some of its heavy hitters down South to help rally the base. Is their strategy working? Click over for FNC's expert political analysis.

The Congressional page scandal left a House seat up for grabs, and shook the state's confidence in the GOP. What will the fallout be from the Foley debacle? FNC's political team has the story. Click over to learn more.

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