Hot Midterm Races — The Northeast

The Northeast is host to a number of key contests in 2006, with one Senate seat up for grabs in New Jersey, and a number of fierce battles between incumbents and their formidable opponents. The war in Iraq is one issue that's fueling the fire — what are the other major concerns of voters in the Northeast? Check out the races below and find out.

After incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman lost in the Democratic primary elections to challenger Ned Lamont, he continued his campaign as an Independent. Now, could Republican voters hold the key to his re-election? FNC's Carl Cameron reports.

Incumbent Senator Rick Santorum faces a tough fight from his opponent, Bob Casey Jr., the son of one of Pennsylvania's most loved governors. FNC's Carl Cameron says the contest between the two has gotten downright nasty. Click over to watch his report .

New Jersey:
A bitter battle is brewing in the Garden State. Incumbent Senator Bob Menendez and his challenger Tom Kean squared off on the issues in a heated debate. FNC's Reena Ninan has the highlights. Click over to watch .

Rhode Island:
Some say incumbent Senator Lincoln Chafee is the most liberal Republican in the Senate, but he still trails his Democratic challenger, Sheldon Whitehouse in most polls. Will strong endorsements from GOP bigwigs help him hold onto his seat? FNC's Carl Cameron has the scoop.

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