Hot Midterm Races — The Midwest

The Midwest is full of midterm action, with two wide-open Senate seats, and a number of incumbents from both parties fighting to keep their seats. The economy is one issue that's stoking the debate — what are the other major concerns of voters in the Midwest? Check out the races below and find out.

Representative John Hostettler faces a tough challenge from his Democratic, but politically conservative, opponent Brad Ellsworth. Their platforms are remarkably similar, so how are the two candidates distinguishing themselves? FNC's Carl Cameron has the story. Watch his report.

Incumbent Representative Deborah Pryce is fighting an uphill battle to keep her seat, and Senator Mike DeWine is trying to stave off rumors that the GOP has abandoned him. Will Ohio go blue or are the voters seeing red? Click over to watch FNC's political experts break down the situation.

A tight gubernatorial race, and a campaign strategy based on political "micro-targeting" could make the difference in this "purple state. What's it all about? FNC's Major Garrett has the details. Watch his report.

No compromise in Missouri! Incumbent Senator Jim Talent faces stiff competition from Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill, and their dueling campaign ads have sparked some contoversy. FNC's Carl Cameron shows you what's brewing in the Show Me State.

The open Senate seat has resulted in a fierce contest between Democrat Harold Ford Jr. and Republican Bob Corker. What are the key issues in the race? Get the lowdown from FNC's political gurus.

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