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I had hoped to post some pictures today from FOX News' Adam Housley. He is covering the fires in Southern California and was going to e-mail me the pics he took. As it turned out, the fire got so much worse that he never could take a break to e-mail them. Of course I understand — I told him to e-mail them to me over the weekend and I will post on Monday.

As you might imagine most of the FNC greenroom discussion over the past few days has been about the election coming up. Of course, no one knows for sure what is going to happen Election Day, but it does not stop any of us from talking about it nonstop, even off the air. The outcome is a giant mystery. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion, but none of us can be sure of the results until the votes are counted and, of course, there is likely to be lots of controversy surrounding the counting of votes. I find it really hard to understand how anyone is undecided at this point — regardless of your party — but I am told that this is not unusual.

By the time you get this blog or read it online, we'll be on the road. I am leaving my house before 6 a.m. Our flight is from the Baltimore airport, but we have to fight traffic to get there (it is an hour away in good times) and assuming we make our connecting flight, the show airs from Reno, Nevada, tonight. We are working on a special — you won't see the fruits of this trip for about two weeks.

On Monday, "On the Record" will air from Las Vegas, Nevada. We will be there as part of FOX News Channel's celebration of 10 years on the air and to thank the viewers for making FNC the No. 1 cable news channel. We figured it would show our gratitude to the viewers if all of us traveled to different cities around the country. We have a special Vegas show which includes — besides the news of the day — interviews with Celine Dion (her official Web site is, Wayne Newton and much, much more.

I continue to get many e-mails about the Natalee Holloway investigation. I make calls often about this unsolved mystery, but so far nothing new. As soon as there is something new, I promise we will bring that to you ASAP. I speak to Beth often.

Here is a pop quiz for you: Who is Vickie Lynn Hogan?

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

You can call it a mistake or incompetence. The fact remains that people do sometimes board planes without showing their boarding documents. I know this because my daughter and I were late for a connection in Newark, NJ, and in their haste to get us onboard the plane nobody ever asked to see our documents. In fact, the plane door was shut and the gangway door was locked and the airline employee unlocked the door, allowed us to run to the place and bang on the door until the flight attendant opened it and let us in! This is strictly forbidden and the pilot was furious, but by that time we were on the plane and since nobody sits in the correct seats they would have had a difficult time even locating us.
Also, I absolutely know who I’m voting for and it would be very difficult for anyone to change my mind. I voted for President Bush in the last two elections and Bill Clinton once, but only once.
Tracy M. Maloy
Administrative assistant

E-mail No. 2

I have been very disturbed by our lack of border security, however the bottom line is — we have no choice except to vote Republican. I shudder to think what will happen to us if the demos take control. We need Iraq and the foothold there. Stem cell research is an abomination — sacrificing babies for your own selfish reasons. I have heart disease. Would I want a baby to give its little life for me to live? Of course not. What kind of people and political party would support test tube babies being grown to harvest their little parts. How sad for our country!
Thank you,
Carol Markham
West Texas

E-mail No. 3

No I am not undecided as to how to vote. I spend a lot of time on research. I often "split" my vote between the parties and sometimes vote for independents.
Most of the airlines have become so good at losing your luggage I suppose it was only a matter of time until they started losing people too. However, I have a theory about the missing scientist. He had booked a flight from Salt Lake to Hawaii under an assumed name that he had already manufactured ahead of time. He got off the flight in Salt Lake as himself and got on the flight to Hawaii under his assumed name. He is now living in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world as someone else. What neater way to disappear?
With all the money FOX is making now that they've hit the top of the heap, you mean they can't afford a half dozen Lears for the prime time anchors to bop around in? <Grin>
Lloyd Davidson
Lancaster, OH

E-mail No. 4

I have definitely decided to vote Republican. My parents were Democrats. Despite my dad and our former President Carter were friends, I voted Republican. I voted Republican last election. I did not understand Carl having difficulty e-mailing you. I have never had a problem. Was he upset you did not answer him personally about something?
Kathryn Shaw
Tifton, GA

E-mail No. 5

There is something weird about the case of the missing scientist. I think there is more going on than we know. Maybe he works for the Canadian version of the CIA? The only red flag I see is his recent divorce. Other than that the story seems right out of a Hollywood movie like "Bourne Identity."
E. Weems
Sherman Oaks, CA

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
I have already voted (absentee). Last time I voted straight Republican. This year I split the vote slightly. I happily voted for Joe Lieberman and sure hope he is the winner.
Jane McNair

E-mail No. 7 — this next e-mail relates to the missing scientist, who was to travel from Canada to Utah to Hawaii, but now is missing and no one knows if he made it to Hawaii or not:

Here in Hawaii it would be relatively easy to get around without a credit card. Our bus system goes all over the island and many people live on the beaches especially on the leeward coast, however his accent would stand out like a fur coat especially if he was not in the Waikiki area.
Melissa Lauer
Waianae, HI

E-mail No. 8

Have I decided how I'm going to vote? Are you kidding? It's going to be a contest between which candidate smells less.
I'm a registered Democrat with a habit of voting for whoever puts on the best case. But this time it's not easy deciding. On one hand the Republican incumbent in the First Congressional district here in New Mexico, Heather Wilson, supports stem cell research and that's good in my book. My much loved older brother has Parkinson's so the entire family supports whatever it take to cure the disease. But on the other hand she has supported the war in Iraq unquestioningly even knowing that there were no weapons of mass destruction there. Her opponent, Patricia Madrid the Attorney General, seems to be okay. She doesn't support the war as far as I can tell. She's said nothing about stem cell research.
But my experience with her office is not entirely satisfactory. Which is better? I don't know. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in my book!
Then there are the horrific 527 ads running on TV. These are simply put the worst use of mass media ever invented and I shall always hold the Republicans at fault for coming up with these. Maybe they didn't exactly invent them but they certainly made them what they are today. The ads attack the other candidate often running back to back to back in every commercial break. They're hateful, virtually slanderous items that I often switch channels to avoid. While I know the candidates don't put them on and don't necessarily approve of them I still consider them against the candidates but not against the candidate which they say is wrong. I charge each attack ad off against the party that runs the ad.
That goes double if the ad actually has the candidate approving the nonsense.
So far I can tell you that I'll vote for Gov. Bill Richardson and Senator Jeff Bingaman. They're running good clean campaigns which stress what they have done for the state and the voters and what they want to do in the future for the state. Some of their commercials are actually entertaining. See the Richardson commercial which has him starring as a cowboy in the movies walking out the saloon doors saying, "Next time let's make a science fiction movie."
And hold the phone here folks, New Mexico has gone back to the paper ballot due to charges against voting machines. Here in Albuquerque early voters have been timed filling out the rather lengthy ballots stuffed with bond issues, judges and other stuff taking more than 40 minutes to fill out the fool ballot. We might not know for days who won under these conditions.
I most certainly do NOT approve their messages. Let's throw the whole bunch out and start over fresh.
Pat Owens

E-mail No. 9

Love reading your blog every morning find it always so interesting, sometimes I miss your show so it updates me on what your show was about.
As far as voting, I am still at this point confused on which way I will go, I think the commercials on TV do not help much! One says one thing and one says another. As I told a friend of mine last night, I will be so glad when this election season is over (sad to say). Here in Wisconsin we have one of the more well-known fights for Congress: Kagen and John Gard. Not sure which way I will go, and not sure I will know until I get into the voting booth on Election Day.
Last election, I solely did vote Republican. Sorry to say this but if Dems do take over the Senate, etc., it is downright scary, because for one they want our troops out of Iraq and I think that they would do that prematurely.
I know that I have heard on FOX News — per Shepard Smith — that a lot of the voting places are gong electronically. The day that happens in little bean town I for one will be shocked! We still go vote in an old school house! But it is unique.
April Gruetzmacher

ANSWER: I went to school with candidate Dr. Kagan's younger brother. His younger brother — Charlie — is also a doctor.

E-mail No. 10

I'm a bit surprised at the e-mail support for Rosemary and her magazine campaign. At least the resolution was non-binding, or at least, that's the impression I gathered from your reporting.
It's nice to "think of the children," but the best thing we can do for them is to allow them to grow up in a free society — not a nanny state. They will, after all, spend most of their lives as adults.
The marketplace can sort out issues like these without any interference from government.
Walt Lock
Pearcy, AR

E-mail No. 11

Well, I am sure that you have received hundreds of letters from scuba divers, etc. Any sport that you properly train for, and are equipped for is safer than riding in a car.
Pace, FL

ANSWER: I knew as soon as I said that about scuba diving that I would get rightfully whacked by viewers. Yes, scuba diving is safe if you are trained — mea culpa.

E-mail No. 12

As a Tennessean, I am highly embarrassed by the national spotlight on this enormously ugly contest. Never in my life have I seen such mudslinging! Mr. Corker came out of the primary with his nasty ads; Congressman Ford took the high road as long as he could.
As a lifelong Memphian, I truly despise the Ford family. They are a political machine, in spite of what the congressman believes; however, Mr. Ford has thus far managed to rise above his family and all their problems and theatrics. I hope he continues to do so. As one who nearly always votes for the Republican candidate, I am seriously considering a vote for Mr. Ford this time. Mr. Corker's horrible campaign is the reason for that. The candidates seem to be in agreement on the issues, so why not?
The RNC should be ashamed of the ads they've produced. If they feel they must resort to such slander, perhaps it IS time for a change. (The DNC ads aren't much better, but don't seem to be quite so slanderous).
I hope you find a flight to your liking; I don't think flying to Dallas would be so terrible. Atlanta, yes. Seems like we always have to go to Atlanta anytime we fly Delta!
Last of all, I loved your photo of Mike. He has grown into a gorgeous cat!
Carol White

E-mail No. 13

I know how I'm voting. As usual, it's more a matter of voting against someone than for someone else — what a shame. The last time I voted (the primary) I voted Republican. We do not have to register a party in Georgia; but when we lived in Illinois, both my husband and I were registered Republicans. My ballot is usually a mixture of both parties, leaning heavily Republican. I'd just love to know your answer to this question. Unlike many of your correspondents, I have no idea about your personal politics. That says a lot, I think, for your "fair and balanced" persona.
Your geographical correctness is a hoot. My husband travels over 200 days per year, but he still sometimes flies out of his way to say a few hundred dollars — crazy!
Social Circle, GA

Finally, some articles that caught my attention:

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