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Today we had Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security, at “The Live Desk.” When pressed he said he believed 2008 was a likely finish date for a 700-mile border wall along the U.S-Mexico divide.

It would be real and "virtual." Many of you wrote to "The Live Desk." Emails were generally along these lines:


When asked how long it would take to meet the requirements in the "Border Bill," Chertoff said, "...before next year... the virtual fence." However, the American public did not push their representatives to write a "virtual" border bill. You should have asked him when we'll see the actual border wall as required by the bill signed into law this week. If he or President Bush are unwilling to build an actual wall, then they need to resign.

J. Feere

I can't help but wonder what delaying tactics will plague this fence. Mexico says they might bring the issue to the U.N. We'll see if they have any luck getting anywhere there. Environmentalists also have issues with the fence.

It is my hope that a fence would slow the flow of illegal immigrants and the number of injuries and deaths that happen on our porous borders. We'll see.

I also asked him about an article this morning that shocked me. According to the Newark Star-Ledger, undercover U.S. agents were able to get 20 out of 22 suspicious devices through security at Newark Airport. I always look at the faces of the security folks when I go through their detection systems to see if they look like they are actually focusing on their jobs. This article — and I'd have to say Mr. Chertoff's response — does not leave me feeling confident about security at an airport that was the departure point for one of the hijacked planes on 9/11.

Political ads will dominate your local airwaves this weekend. George Allen's folks want you to get a look at James Webb's fictional writing. Some of his writing is pretty shocking when taken out of context. Of course, it's not like some deceit was uncovered in Webb's secret emails. Anybody could have purchased these books and put these quotes out there. Virginia has been a randy race for Senate — leaving some wondering if they like either of these guys. It will be interesting to see what impact it all has on turnout.

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