Insurgents Want Democrats to Win on November 7

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A couple days ago I wrote that if the Dems win, insurgents win.

That produced a huge amount of hate mail. A woman in L.A. can hardly wait for impeachment and she figures I should be on the impeachment list along with Bush and Cheney.

But look at the report today in The Sydney Morning Herald, which says that the Pentagon spokesman Eric Ruff "attributed the rising violence in Iraq to attempts by Al Qaeda to influence the U.S. elections and stir up opposition to President George W. Bush." Ruff stopped short of saying that Al Qaeda wanted a Democratic victory in the November 7 elections and denied emphatically that he was implying that, the paper said.

Eric Ruff probably saw all my hate mail for saying precisely that and decided to keep quiet. But he did quote an Al Qaeda leader, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, reported by the Washington Post to be ordering redoubled attacks "to have a great effect on the American elections."

Now why would Al Qaeda want to affect American elections?

Because Al Qaeda needs an American exit date in Iraq, and if the Democrats win, all indications are they will see to it that there is an exit date in Iraq.

I've gotten all sorts of e-mail saying yes we should get out because the killing will stop. It makes you wonder. Where would someone get that idea? If the Americans leave the Sunnis will be slaughtered.

Now, I sometimes wonder why we should be protecting Sunnis since they're the ones killing our troops. But we'd get blamed for the bloodbath even if we were gone and could not have pulled the triggers or dropped the bombs.

I stand corrected. The Sunnis will likely have their heads cut off. That's the preferred method of ethnic cleansing in Iraq.

So, I don't want to stay any longer than is necessary. But someone explain to me again how everything is going to be great in Iraq when the Americans pull out shortly after a Democrat victory?

I'm listening. In fact, I'm all ears.

That's My Word.

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