Griffs Notes 10/27/06

Today’s political bombshell is that an incumbent senator revealed that his opponent wrote of underage sex scenes in a novel published years ago. Thanks, but no thanks.

So allow me to write about something of even greater import – like Madonna’s new Malawian baby-to-be, David.

I realize that addressing matters of pop culture run the risk of isolating some readers, but considering that the Material Girl did an interview with Oprah Winfrey and graced the covers of every tabloid magazine at the grocery store, I think I’m okay here.

But in the event that you weren’t aware – Madge has become the latest star to participate in the new Hollywood fad of adopting African orphans. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the pioneers in this trend.

Unfortunately for Madonna, her adoption has come under fire for a few mishaps – like for instance, the child isn’t an orphan. David has a biological father who wasn’t exactly clear on what was happening when the deal went down. Although Madonna says (on Oprah) that it was perfectly clear and the father is not contesting the adoption.

Now the Malawian Government has postponed a hearing challenging the legality of the adoption.

On the surface of this latest scandal would appear good intentions. After all, it’s a pretty noble and humanitarian ideal to give a child a much better life than what he’d otherwise get in his homeland. Even if it is a fad.

In addressing the negative press that she has received over it, Madonna said on Oprah: “I beg all those people to go to Africa and see what I saw… Shame on you for discouraging other people for wanting to do the same thing.”

Unfortunately for most of us hardworking Americans, we can’t make frequent jaunts to Africa. Forget that our public school system is in a near state of crisis and could use the money spent on travel alone to better the future of our kids. And separate yourself from the fact that the superstar is on a current world tour hanging upside down on a cross… If you’re going to do good in this world, then do it the right way and leave all of us out of it.

But I like the idea of using Hollywood dollars to eradicate poverty in Africa. So how about this – Take all the money that would be spent on plastic surgery in Beverly Hills for the next 10 years and divert the funds to an international African poverty aid fund that would be distributed directly to the orphanages equally? And who knows… maybe we can even get Madonna to support it!

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