FOX Facts: California Wildfires

Massive fires have killed four firefighters and burned nearly 24,000 acres in Southern California so far. Authorities say the blaze is a case of arson.

— Thirty-six firefighters have died in California while fighting wildfires from 1926 to 2004.

— As of September, 15 federal, state and local firefighters died in 2006 battling wildland fires.

— The damage associated with wildland arson, acreage and dollar losses is more than all other causes associated with wildland fires.

— Fifty percent of arson fires occur outdoors.

— Each year, arson results in $1.4 billion in property loss and causes over 2,000 injuries and 475 deaths.

5 Largest wildfires in California history (by acreage burned):

1. Cedar (human caused)
October 2003
San Diego County
273,246 acres burned, 4,847 structures, 15 deaths

2. Matilija (cause undetermined)
September 1932
Ventura County
220,000 acres burned

3. Marble Cone (caused by lightning)
July 1977
Monterey County
177,866 acres burned

4. Laguna (caused by powerlines)
September 1970
San Diego County
175,425 acres burned, 382 structures burned, 5 deaths

5. Day Fire (human caused)
September 2006
Ventura County
162,702 acres burned, 11 structures burned