Should You Control Your Children or Should the Government?

Most American parents have no idea that there's a movement underway to diminish their authority over their kids. I write about this vividly in "Culture Warrior."

In two weeks, Californians will vote on Proposition 85. It's very simple: It would require all parents to be notified if their under-aged daughters have asked a doctor for an abortion. Let me repeat: The proposition doesn't say the parents have to approve, they just have to be notified.

Now that sounds reasonable, doesn't it? If you're 13-year-old is pregnant, shouldn't you have a right to know about that? Many Americans would say you should have a right to stop the abortion, but that's not even in play here. It's just about notifying you.

Well, the secular progressives don't want that at all. The L.A. Times, The San Francisco Chronicle — the usual suspects — they don't want parents to know if their daughters undergo an intense surgical procedure. Sounds absurd, but S-Ps say you have no right to know about that.

Incredibly, Senator Hillary Clinton has inserted herself into the debate. This message was sent to hundreds of thousands of Californians:


SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON, D-N.Y.: Hello, this is Senator Hillary Clinton. Please join me, the California Medical Association, and so many concerned parents and oppose Proposition 85. We are opposed because 85 will put some of our most vulnerable teens at risk, teens who may already be in endangered by negligent and even abusive homes. We can do better. Let's work together to protect all our children.


But Senator Clinton is being dishonest. She doesn't say that Proposition 85 has three protections for children at risk — three:

No. 1, if the court feels her parents would abuse her, the court will order an abortion without parental notification. No. 2, a judge feels the girl's mature enough — a totally subjective determination — the state will waive notification. And No. 3, if there's a medical emergency, the abortion can be performed on the spot.

Again, this is all very reasonable and it provides constitutional protections to the parents. You see, the Founding Fathers didn't want the government to raise your kids. They wanted you to do it. And part of raising your children is knowing their medical condition, is it not? How crazy is this?

A 14-year-old can have an abortion, go home, deal with all the consequences of said abortion, and the parents don't know anything about it? Is that the America you want to live in?

The polls say Proposition 85 could go either way and I'm stunned. Californians are going to pass Jessica's Law in two weeks. And they should approve the parental notification law, too. It's just common sense.

But as I've been telling you, common sense and tradition in America are under assault by powerful, secular progressive forces. That's what's in play regarding Prop 85.

And that's The Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Good news for traditional Americans: By a vote 9-5, the Milwaukee City Council has voted to change the name of the Christmas tree back to the Christmas tree.

In 1995, politically correct pinheads demanded Milwaukee dump the word "Christmas" and call the tree in Red Arrow Park the "Holiday Tree." But now sanity has prevailed in Milwaukee. It's the Christmas tree because it's the Christmas holiday. And that is not ridiculous.

So, a big win for traditionalists.

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