My Recipe for Fried Coke

Fried Coke

This new fried favorite is popping up at state fairs across the nation…Creator Abel Gonzales, Jr. debuted his new culinary creation at the State Fair of Texas. Abel says his recipe is a secret, but I watched how they made these sugary treats at the fair and came up with the “E.D. version”

E.D.’s Fried Coke Recipe:

To make dough batter:

Take Bisquick mix -- BUT instead of using water or milk as the liquid, you use coke.
- Then you form small dough balls and marinade them in coke.
- Next you fry these dough balls, and let drain.

Serve Fried Coke in a cup in this order:

- Splash of Coke in bottom of cup
- Add dough balls
- Top off with whip cream, a dash of cinnamon, and powdered sugar.

It’s a dish that’s sure to be a hit with the whole family!


Ghanaian Cheaters

Ever thought about cheating on a test? Well – don’t do it in Ghana! Kofi Ochere, a 30-year-old Ghanaian man and his 28 year old wife, Christina Yeboah, face up to 5 years in jail, all because he wrote a paper for his wife and she submitted it as part of her science exam at a West African secondary school. The young couple was arrested when authorities caught on to their little plot…

This just goes to show even when you cheat WITH your spouse--it’s not a good idea!

Pink Philanthropy?

Killing two birds with one stone? One West Virginia resident decided he would do just that, when he saw a bridge in Huntington, W. Va. in disrepair. Jason Sansom decided that he would give the bridge a new paint job- in PINK! Why pink? Well, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month- that’s why! Jason only got halfway into the paint job before being stopped by officials. However, he was asked to come back to finish painting the bridge, but this time it will be in white, a color which is approved by the district.

Dangerous Pranks

With "mischief night" rapidly approaching, many of us wonder if we will wake up on Halloween morning to a yard full of TP or if our pumpkins will have made it through the night un-smashed…

Someone in Pasadena, California took prank playing to a new dangerous level… they hoisted a shopping cart up a flagpole and when Shantie Marjal went to raise the flag in front of the grocery store where she works the next morning, she was met with a painful surprise. The shopping cart fell on her, breaking her neck, causing a serious head trauma, and a nasty gash on her head. The culprits are still on the loose…

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