Former Rep. Foley Being Treated for Alcoholism in Arizona

Former Florida Congressman Mark Foley is being treated for alcoholism at a facility in Arizona.

Foley has been in a 30-day treatment program at the Sierra Tucson treatment center in Catalina since Oct. 1.

He resigned from Congress last month after he was confronted with sexually explicit computer communications he had sent to male teenage pages who worked on Capitol Hill.

His attorneys have since revealed that Foley is gay, suffers from alcohol addiction and was molested by a Catholic priest as a teenage altar boy.

Authorities are investigating whether Foley broke any state or federal laws, and a House ethics committee is currently questioning members of Congress about what they knew and when regarding Foley's inappropriate contact with the teenagers.

Sierra Tucson is a psychiatric hospital that specializes in the treatment of addictions and behavioral disorders, according to the facility's Web site.