Adjusting the Course in Iraq

President Bush said Wednesday that U.S. military strategists are changing tactics in Iraq and his "administration will carefully consider any proposal that will help us achieve victory."

With less than two weeks until Election Day, the White House is hoping a dramatic policy shift in response to security concerns will help relieve voters discouraged by the conduct of the war.

"I know many Americans are not satisfied with the situation in Iraq. I'm not satisfied either. And that is why we're taking new steps to help secure Baghdad and constantly adjusting our tactics across the country to meet the changing threat," Bush told reporters at a press conference in the White House East Room. Read more.

If you were president, how would you adjust tactics to achieve victory in Iraq?

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Here's what some FOX Fans are saying:

"Establish the perimeter... Draw the lines and get on with it." Mick

"I believe that we could assist the Iraq prime minister better if we would allow him to administer law and order the Iraq way... Whatever that looks like nowadays." Lloyd

"Prove Iraq is a democracy by suggesting to the Iraqis that they have a general referendum with one question - "Should the US remain in Iraq or leave?" The proof would be that the US would accept the will of the majority of Iraqis. George (Quadeville, Ontario)

"Educate the American public on low-intensity conflict. We are in a new age...Continue to encourage Americans to become free from dependency on foreign oil... Listen to the troops on the ground." Pam

"Saving face is not as important as saving the lives of the troops in Iraq." Joy

"Get a coalition of Sunni and Shiite imams to agree and announce that they will live together in peace; that they will accept the "pursuit of happiness" in the hearts of other people, and they will preach peace to their membership... Find a way to define the Finish Line." Dave, (Delton, MI)

"Involve the militias in maintaining law and order. They want to die for their country, they want to fight, they want to carry guns. Give them the responsibilitry of protecting their own -- and give them the money to do it. If you give them a piece of the pie, they will fight to protect it and be held accountable by their own people (Iraqis) for the success or failure of doing so. Never forget, it was the colonial militias that supported George Washington in the American Revolution. We have also used "street toughs" and paid them to secure housing projects for "safe living conditions" for women and children in St. Louis, Missouri. Study Bertha Gilkey's success story of reclaiming St. Louis housing projects. If it worked in St. Louis, Missouri, it will work in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq." James

"I would make sure we... support the intelligence community to bring the war in Iraq to a place where the Iraqi people can fend for themselves. I would so quickly, and decisively. There would be a clear message to Korea and Iran - we are going to fight your war on your soil - not ours." C. S. Kerrville, Texas

"I would increase troop strength to the maximum, and let the Iraqi troops patrol the cities." — Richard (Reston, VA)

"It has become apparent that current tactics are not working. It is also apparent that the Iraqi forces do not have their heart in fighting their own people. First, I would inform the current Iraqi administration that the U.S. would withdraw all forces if the government does not produce results within six months. Secondly, I would withdraw from the ineffective United Nations, warning the world that the U.S will not tolerate terrorism. Third, I would close our borders, return all foreign nationals without legal green cards until we can gain control of our own borders." — BP (North Carolina)

"I would adjust the location of coalition troops. All coalition troops should move from city locations to the borders of Iraq and secure them, not letting anyone into or out of the country." — Douglas

"I would launch a massive offensive against the insurgency and the criminal and sectarian elements. I'd eliminate them once and for all, with more proactivity and no reactivity on the part of the U.S. and Iraqi military. We need to also get intelligence on Iran and Syria, and try to anticipate and prepare for what they might do once we leave Iraq." — Matt

"I am a strong believer in not bailing out of the Iraq war. As much as I hate war and the casualties it brings, standing firm against the radical Islamic threat is critical if we are ever going to realize peace and stability. I haven't agreed with everything the administration has done in Iraq, but I did agree that we needed to take a stand and bring down a heinous dictator and his threat to further terrorism. I think we need to take the gloves off, endure the pain of a bigger force and crush the insurgency with power and strength of numbers. We also need to develop a plan to eradicate the support provided by Iran and Syria. I'm not suggesting all-out war with them, but we should put them on notice that without their compliance in stabilizing Iraq, they could be embroiled in a regional conflict that has unpredictable results for them. This, perhaps, could be done with the aid of Egypt and Jordan." — Sam

"Iraq and the whole Middle East have been engaged in a civil war for centuries. We are not going to change anything over there. We need to get our people home. They can guard us against any domestic invasion. We need help." — Clara (Lawrence, KS)

"If I were president, I would ask my troops in Iraq to go after the militia leaders, who apparently are causing much of the problem." — Grey (Sterling Heights, MI)

“If I were in charge of the war in Iraq, I would send in an overwhelming force of troops. We must strike first and strike hard so that we do not string this along to look as though we cannot defeat the terrorists.” — Frank

“We should divert more of our resources to actually seeking out the insurgents and the people responsible for coordinating the attacks. It seems we went on the offensive by invading Iraq and now it appears we are in a defensive mindset. It looks like we are reacting to the attacks rather than seeking out the people behind the attacks.” — Joey

“Our government, at least some part of it, must use its resources to figure out Middle Eastern thinking and try to analyze what would appease these different sects and bring about tolerance as we have in our country. Our job should be to train their troops to defend themselves and then get out. It is no longer a war against a brutal dictator who definitely had (at one time) weapons of mass destruction. We got him and people should not forget that.” — Bob & Shirley

“I believe that we should pull our regular forces and deploy them along the Iranian border and wherever else the arms and manpower are entering Iraq. Their mission would be to stop all movement and infiltration across the border.” — Jack

“I would send in more troops and take control of things faster so our guys can come home sooner.” — Gary

“To achieve victory in Iraq, I would first have to know what victory looks like... If I could not come up with an achievable milestone for victory, I would immediately pull all troops home and stop wasting American and Iraqi lives and dollars. If I could identify such a milestone I would immediately commit all forces to achieve that goal as quickly as possible. Our current leadership has no plan for victory because they don't know what victory is.” — Allen (Phoenix, AZ)

“I think our troops should be guarding the borders to keep foreign fighters out. This should have been done from the onset of the war, but if we let the Iraqi fighters fight those elements within Iraq and we keep others from entering to join the fight, I think we will see progress.” — Bill (Woodstock, NY)

“If I were president our troops would be withdrawn immediately and Iraq's leaders would be left to negotiate settlements with all warring factions. Iran and Syria would be put on notice that any inference in the Iraqi process would be met with swift and definitive action. I would also apologize to the people of Iraq for creating such a horrible atmosphere.” — Ben

“I believe the strategy must be either withdrawal or commit our full concentration on victory. We need to go on the offensive against all enemies and threats against a free Iraq regardless of which borders they originate. This is the only logical and effective way to continue the war on terror if we truly intend to win.” — Jason

"Our troops should be massed to achieve overwhelming force, and Al-Sadr and his Shiite militia should be engaged and destroyed... Positioning our troops on street corners to be killed by snipers and car bombs is insane." Mike (Temecula, CA)

"Let's pull back a little from the Green Zone for a psychological reason. Give the Iraqis security control for 3 months and get a feel for how they will do by themselves. Build more strike forces around the police stations. Use more helicopters, drones and cameras. Be less visible on the streets of Baghdad." Mike

"I would remove the reason for the insurgents' fighting. I would remove the U.S. presence in Iraq. The insurgents are fighting for the same reason that U.S. patriots fought in our Revolutionary War. They are fighting for self-determination. Let them determine their own future. They are entitled. This is a truth that should be self-evident." Tim

"Lets fight this as a WAR and then get out." Rick

"No question, I would hire Ed Koch, Alexander Haig and Gen. Norm Schwartzkopf as advisors." Angie, M.A.(USAF veteran) (Federal Way ,WA)

"Like in ANY war, you have to make adjustments according to progress or lack of it... Let's just walk in reality and realize that freedom is not cheap nor without problems." (KE, North Carolina)

"If it were my decision, I would take the bulk of our troops and focus on stopping the flow of weapons into Iraq. This approach would keep our troops more out of harm's way, but at the same time help to achieve victory. Without weapons there can be no fighting." Bill (Lancaster, PA)

"As a former 82nd airborne paratrooper, it is my opinion that regular infantry on the ground stir up more trouble than they solve in any urban setting. Locals get upset by their presence, then they join the enemy. One solution is to move our regular forces to less obvious and invasive staging areas for use only in the outbreak of major enemy movements. Meanwhile, bolster our special forces to train Iraqi forces and to conduct pinpoint strikes on key targets." Jake

"I'd put military, political and financial pressure on the Iraqi leaders to take steps to neutralize the militias, take more responsibility in fighting the insurgents and get the central government truly functioning... One begins to wonder if the 15 million Iraqi's who voted in the elections were truly interested in creating a working democracy or simply demonstrating their desire that we leave." Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

I would adjust to be more proactive than reactive. I would let my military dictate the war and not the politicians and media. This 'you can’t shoot until you are shot at' is crap. Who thought that up anyway...Once we start taking on the offensive stature and eliminate this defensive posture of a PC war, we will get the terrorists' attention, also that of North Korea and Iran. The world thinks that we are weak because they mistake kindness for weakness. We need to clear that up immediately. Joe (Grapevine, Texas)