You Decide 2006

Hi Everyone!

Wasn't that cake fabulous? If you missed it, a very talented fan of Steve Doocy's baked a cake that is an exact replica of his book! It looked too perfect to cut into, but I'm sure the crew did so immediately after the show!

A lot of election issues on the show today: We spoke about what will happen to our nation's foreign policy if the Democrats win control of the House and/or Senate. We also talked to Senate candidate Bob Corker from Tennessee. Tomorrow morning we'll talk to his competitor in the race: Harold Ford, Jr. — fair and balanced. This race is one of many heating up in the final days before midterm elections. Some pollsters are now saying that Republicans could be making a comeback in the polls as we edge closer to voting day. It will make for a very interesting last two weeks.

Sean Hannity also stopped by for a chat after appearing on "Good Morning America" this morning on ABC. He'll show clips of his interview with Diane Sawyer tonight on "Hannity & Colmes."

Have a great Wednesday everyone! See you tomorrow,


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