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Brooke and John Robertson

The secret to my happy marriage is not having my mother-in-law around. My husband's mother moved to Russia from Austin, Texas and that is what saved our marriage. We have never been happier! My husband is also lucky that I am a very forgiving person because I had to put up with him and his mother at the same time before she moved. That was not fun!

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harris

The secret to our happy marriage is the lack of communication. Nothing brings more fear to my heart than hearing the words, "We need to talk." It means I've done something wrong, or I'm about to spend a lot of money, or, worse than that, we're going to visit her mother. To combat this problem I pretend to have a hearing problem. While she's talking, I cock my head slightly, turning my left ear towards her, assuring her I'm listening intently, while I'm really thinking about playing golf, fishing, or many other things I love to do. Then later when she brings up the trip to her parents, or some other thing I don't want to do, I say, "I'm sorry honey. I remember you saying something about that but I must have misunderstood. You know how bad my hearing is. I've got to work that weekend. Just have a ton of stuff to do." When the look of scorn comes, and it will come, I say, "I'm really sorry. You know how much I love to visit your folks. Shame I've got to miss it." One day she came home with a hearing aid and I thought "Wow I'm really in trouble." That was until somehow the hearing aid disappeared. Since then, I've lost one, had two stolen, and dropped one off the side of our boat while trying to change the battery. I figure I'll be able to duck and weave for another 10 years and by that time she'll probably be too tired to get rid of me.

SFC Chuck and Donna Smith (Lillington, NC)

Our secret is that he is a career military man. With all the frequent deployments and trainings, we have time apart to reflect on each other so we feel like newlyweds when we get back together. Being a military wife is stressful at times, but I know he is well trained and I am well prepared to handle things at home. That is what makes this marriage work. When he comes home a deployment, I feel like a schoolgirl again. We've been married 11 years, and I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else.

Debbie and Pastor Art (Catonsville, MD)

A weekly date night is very helpful, and never arguing with your clothes on. It doesn't matter if it's at home or the hockey arena; if you want to fight, you have to be “nekkid.” It's amazing how many times anger turns to laughter when just a button is unbuttoned.

Mark and Patti Crump (King George, VA)

The secret to a happy marriage is communication. After our third child was born, I was talking about weight gain. My husband said, very quietly, "Your butt is getting a little bigger." I looked at him with my mouth wide open, and I actually saw his pupils dilate in raw fear! He's never said anything like that to me again, and we've been married 27 years.

Charlene and Ed Hahn (Garnerville, NY)

Their secret is skinny-dipping, but only with a private yard and a gate lock. Just one hazard: police helicopters with their searchlights. A few years ago, a local store was robbed, and a helicopter's light shone on them while they were naked in the swimming pool. Charlene's blood curdling screams could be heard for blocks. Her husband Ed just laughed!

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