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Tonight Steve heads to Carle Place, Long Island, for a "Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook" signing and, since Doocy met my appearance fee, I will also attend. But, before we look ahead, let's look back:

Tuesday's show was a lot about politics, a lot about Iraq and little about baseball as Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals took some swings in a hitting simulator. OK, I did too — grounding one shot off my calf.

What is happening in sports? The latest incident comes from Philadelphia where a dad, upset with his 7-year-old son's playing time on his football team, brawls with the coach, loses and then reaches for his gun. This comes on the heels of a college backup punter indicted for stabbing the starter so he could play and a little league coach instructing his pitcher to throw at the head of his autistic teammate so he would not play! Plus, don't forget the football dad who knocked over a player who took a cheap shot at his son. What is going on?

Oh yeah as for politics: We talked with Scott Rasmussen and Dick Morris about the true story of this 2006 midterm election. Both see the GOP trailing, but surging. Although Morris thinks the GOP will lose both houses of Congress, he says things may change.

Finally, I just received a DVD from my stay last week in Orlando — specifically from Discovery Cove. They actually let you swim with the dolphins — thought I'd share it. Click here to watch the video.

Thanks for watching.

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