You know you're a FOX Fan when...

Millions of fans like you are the reason that FOX News Channel is number one — so tell us what makes you watch!

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“You know you're a FOX Fan when your pets names are O'Reilly, Hannity, and Colmes, and when you no longer need a remote control.” — Audrey (Sarasota, FL)

“ You know you're a FOX Fan when you live in St. Louis and watch FNC over the Cardinals in the World Series.” — Carla

“You know you're a FOX Fan when you have the FNC schedule memorized.” — Maggie (Downey, CA)

“You know you are a FOX Fan when you get your 11 and 12-year-old grandsons to watch FOX & Friends and like it.” — Sally (Vero Beach, FL)

“You know you’re a FOX Fan when you immediately feel closer to someone you’ve just met when they mention something they saw on FOX News. It’s like a ‘code’ for ‘reasonable persons.’” — Lenore

“I get up at 4:20 a.m. weekdays. I put FOX News on and watch the re-runs that were on the day before.” — Kathleen (Roanoke, VA)

“You know you're a FOX Fan when you can truthfully admit you've been CNN-free since January 1, 1997!” — Bob (Tampa, FL)

“You know your a FOX Fan when you can tell the difference between someone reporting the news and someone that editorializes with their biased opinion.” — Bob

“You send in topics for the shows.” — Anita

“You get up at 6 a.m. to watch Juliet on the weekend show. My husband is suffering withdrawal.” — Judy (Bellefontaine, OH)

“You turn FOX News on every morning before you have your first cup of coffee!” Gordon (Texas)

“We only stay at hotels that have FOX News on the room TVs. We need ‘fair and balanced’ news.” — Bonnie (Bloomfield, MI)

“I know I’m a FOX Fan when I insist that my rental car has XM radio so I can hear ‘Brian and the Judge,’ and when I tell my financial advisor I want to hear what Neil Cavuto says first.” — Keith (McKinney, TX)

“You know that you are a FOX Fan when every television in your house — all seven of them &#!51; are tuned in. When my mother comes to visit and wants to watch another news station, I have to remind her that there is NO other news station worth watching.” — Jacquie

“FOX gives both sides of a story.” — B.K. (St. Paul, MN)

“I’m a FOX Fan because I understand the difference between truth and socialist progressive propaganda disseminated by most other news services! We are in danger of our country falling under socialist liberal progressive politicians! Keep up the no-spin,' 'fair and balanced' news!” — Ron (De Pere, WI)

“I know I’m a FOX Fan when I get up in the morning and my husband is screaming from the bathroom for me to turn on FOX news.” — Marlene (Mahopac, NY)

“When you listen to FOX Talk on Sirius Radio and watch FOX News at the same time.” — Craig (Lake Forest, CA)

“I like the way O'Reilly gives ‘em hell.” — Nick

“You are the only newscast that reports the ‘news’ and allows the viewers to make their own decision. You have no ‘talking heads’ and you report with no bias.” — Jim

“My husband John and I enjoy watching FOX News because we feel it is unbiased and strives to present the true facts on any subject. Since we began watching FOX, there is no other news station that can compare. Our grandchildren kid us about watching the news so much. We hope to have a long, happy relationship with FNC.” — Donna (Texas)

"I do not watch any other news channel since I found yours. You tell the truth and don't take sides, and that's a much-needed commodity in this country. I have recommended your show to all my family and friends. I was a Democrat but crossed over to the GOP when Clinton threw his last tirade. I want to hear both sides of the issues not just one side. You do that very well and I do hope you will never surrender your integrity and dignity for any party. Keep up the great work, and I will keep watching!" — Margaret (Illinois)

"I watch FOX first thing every morning while I'm getting ready for work. I also check the web page every hour while at work, watch FOX as soon as I get home, and then check it again before I go to bed every night." — Randy

"What makes me watch FOX is interviews like Chris Wallace's with Bill Clinton. Congratulations to Chris for asking the hard questions." — Jud

"I watch FOX News because I trust that the journalists will give the whole story about events of the day. They don't pick out portions of those events in order to put a certain spin on it. I don't have to sort through the spin to determine reality." — Antia (Gaffney, SC)

"FOX News is the only news network that I recommend to all my military families (including my Marine Sgt. son.) You are honest and present the news we need to hear in a fair and balanced manner. When I studied overseas, the war in Iraq was just beginning. I wish I could have gotten FOX then!" — Linda

"FOX News makes every attempt to give both sides of the story! And by the way, great job Chris Wallace!" — Marc (Morgan City, LA)

"I am a FOX Fan because of the down-to-earth, genuine presentation, the involvement of the audience outside the studio, especially the analysis of the military experts like Col. Hunt (I am a retired Army helicopter pilot and flew in Vietnam). I especially enjoy the wide variety of guests on the program each morning. After watching FOX, I feel that I am informed and I can then proceed with my day as an informed citizen." — Lyman

"1. Your kids automatically turn the TV on to FOX for you as soon as you walk into the room
2. You go into FOX withdrawal when you discover that your hotel doesn't provide FOX
3. Your sister-in-law suggests doing a morning show news tour when you visit NYC, so you go straight to the FOX News studio, and then you are extremely distraught when you find out that FNC doesn't have a tour!
4. Even though you've lived in Atlanta for most of your life, you finally go on the CNN tour here when relatives visit who want to do it, and you are constantly telling them during the tour about how FOX is so much better, and that you wish that FOX were located here instead of CNN." — Julie (Atlanta, GA)

"You know you are a FOX Fan when even your children can name every FNC anchor, analyst, strategist, affiliate, reporter, and even some cameramen! And they make comments like, 'I bet Steve, ED, and Brian will be talking about that in the morning!'" — Stephanie (Decatur, AL)

"I have been a FOX News fan for all 10 years. I watch FOX from early morning from Fox & Friends to Greta at night. I have now made all of my friends and relatives FOX fans. I watch FOX because it is the only news station where it is fair and balanced. Also, all the people who work at FOX are so outgoing that I feel like we are all one family. Besides this, I believe all the women who work at FOX are the most beautiful women in the world!! I like to see a calendar with all the women of FOX where we could buy the calendar and the money would go to our soldiers." — Andy (Chicago, IL)

"You know you're a FOX Fan when the first thing you do in the morning is say, 'Good Morning, Steve, E.D., and Brian!' while sipping your first cup of coffee. No one can talk to me before my first cup and my first hour with FOX & Friends!" — Wendie (Bluffton, SC)

"You know you're a FOX Fan when you get so mad at Bill O'Reilly and Alan Colmes, but you still watch FOX, because you know that it's the only place to get the truth about what is going on in the world, especially in the U.S. If I had to pick favorites from your anchors, they would be: Shep, Jane and O'Reilly (even though he can enrage me)." — Lucy (Joplin, MO)

"Plain and simple! You guys sound positive and optimistic even in times of crisis. I like it and keeps me going. Your people on the job are excellent. Watching FOX News is like traveling in a plane with a cheerful crew. Keep up the good work." — Krishna

"It's the only network that gets it right, and tells the whole story. People can make up their own minds without someone else telling them what they should think or say. Never change. You're the breath of fresh air we have needed." — Debbie (Los Angeles, CA)

"I simply believe I've become so much more aware of what is going on internationally than I was five years ago. I started watching on 9/11. I now know 'who is who' and don't feel intimidated discussing world events. FNC presents the facts and interviews so many individuals that I can debate my own opinions and am not easily influenced by others. I agree with Bill O'Reilly about 90 percent of the time. Sometimes I cheer him on from the recliner, sometimes from the coffeehouse!" — Mary Lou

"I like that you aren't afraid to speak up against evil like porn and child molesters, and that you hold officials accountable for their actions. The judicial system needs to know we expect them to protect us and not the criminals. We need more journalists that aren't afraid to speak up and revile the stupidity of political correctness and not fall for everything." — Daniel

"FOX is my place for news and all sorts of information. My favorite is 'FOX & Friends' early in the morning, with my coffee, newspaper, and two little dogs in my lap. We love the 'FOX & Friends' people! They are so natural and human and fun, they start my day." — Mary (Spring, TX)

"I am hooked, okay, I admit it! I just love how you tell both sides of the story. I love Shepherd Smith, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Bill Hemmer, and let's not forget Mike and Juliet! My television is basically on FOX News whenever it is on. I like to know what's going on in the world. I appreciate the fact that you are fair and balanced, and you don't constantly do the Bush-bashing thing over and over again. I wish you all continued success." — Dalinda

"I love FOX News! The people are delightful to watch. They seem like good people, caring people, not haughty or condescending like many on other news channels seem to me. Whenever I take any small time looking at other channels, I walk away with the feeling that our nation and our president are not respected; there isn't a pride of who we are as a nation being reflected as strongly on other channels as it is on FNC. I genuinely believe FOX gives the news in the most informative and honest way of all channels. You are terrific; keep it up!" — Susan (El Dorado, KS)

"I use FOX News as my home page and almost always tune into FOX on TV first. I, then, skip around the stations to see/hear how the spinning is going elsewhere. Fox has sensitized people to the fact that their is more than one way to view local, state, national and world events." — D.D. (Lewistown, MT)

"Congratulations on your tenth anniversary. I depend on FOX News to get the straight facts. You have a well-rounded crew and any time of day a person can catch up on the latest events. They are very professional without being stodgy. I believe they truly enjoy what they do. They brighten my day and give me the best report. It would be hard for me to watch another news report now. I feel like I know these folks who are in my home everyday. Keep up the good work." — Donna

"FNC is more entertaining than the majority of all the other programs available on all networks. Congratulations on 10 years and keep it coming." — James (Oak Ridge, TN)

"I just can't get enough of the O'Reilly factor. I really enjoy learning new words." — Tanya (Tustin, CA)

"You know you are a FOX fan When you are from Illinois, you are at a ministers' conference in Philadelphia, and you take a train to New York City just so you can go find the FOX News Studio. You ask everyone on the street where the FOX News Studio is and they either look at you like you are stupid or they say, 'I don't know, why would you want to go THERE.' Now what does a FOX Fan do? They proceed to tell them exactly why FOX News is the only news channel you would want to watch!" — Kevin

"FOX News was not available in the area I lived in on 9/11, but I had the satellite people out ASAP. In my opinion, FOX News has only improved in their commitment to 'Fair and Balanced' and 'We Report, You Decide.' From the coverage of the Clinton era, the 2000 election and now the war on terror, FNC has been my source of information. I thought the coverage of the recent kidnapping and return of Steve Centanni and the cameraman was especially professional." — Vera

"I love FOX News! The people are delightful to watch. They seem like good people, caring people, not haughty or condescending like many on other news channels seem to me. Whenever I look at other channels, I walk away with the feeling that our nation and our president are not respected; there isn't a pride of who we are as a nation reflected as strongly on other channels like there is on FNC. I genuinely believe FOX gives the news in the most informative and honest way of all channels. You are terrific; keep it up!" — Susan (El Dorado, KS)

"I use as my home page and almost always tune into FOX on TV first. Then I skip around the stations to see and hear how the spinning is going elsewhere. FOX has sensitized people to the fact that their is more than one way to view local, state, national and world events." — D.D. (Lewistown, MT)

"Happy 10th Anniversary, FNC! I watch FNC to hear the news without the biased highly liberal leftist deception. I like some of the special debates, e.g., O'Reilly and Hannity & Colmes." — Henrietta

"I'm a FOX Fan because of Brian Kilmeade — he is intimidated by no one, not even Steve and E.D. Your motto, 'We report, you decide' is the other reason I watch." — Carol

"I am a devoted FOX Fan because I like fair and balanced news. To me the FOX News Channel is the only one to watch." — Dianne

"I have been watching Fox News Channel for years. O'Reilly is one of the best in the business, John Gibson, Brit Hume, Cavuto, Sean and Allen are also great, and I enjoy watching them daily. For the past ten years, I believe FNC has truly presented the most fair and balanced news." — Don (Bountiful, UT)

"Your terrific line up of anchors and reporters keeps me watching! I love keeping up on Washington through Brit Hume and the reporters on Special Report; and I love the speed of a day's news in an hour on Fox Report. I especially love the very enlightening, "Fair & Balanced" reports that reporters like Dan Springer delivers. He is an excellent reporter, quite the perfectionist, who does extremely professional work, with a very pleasing appeal to watch. Thank you, FNC, for your high quality reporters and anchors!" — Barb (Union Bridge, MD)

"My wife and I are FOX News junkies. We watch from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Even when we are not at home, we leave our TV on FOX News so our two English Springer Spaniels can stay well informed. We love all the shows. We cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys, and FOX is the only place where we are sure we are getting a fair and balanced view on what is going on." — Bob & Patti (Fallbrook, CA)

"Monday through Friday, Steve, ED and Brian are the people I wake up with every morning. I love them! I have a TV in my bathroom, and I watch F&F as I get ready for work. By the time I am ready to leave, I am in such a good mood. It is a good way to start my day." — Cathy (Carbondale, IL)

"I am so thankful that we have FOX News to give us a more rounded view of events. I often wonder how thinking would have been different in the years before when we were given all views. There is good in the world and evil can be confronted. It is hard to discuss opinions when there is no news source to back-up your thoughts and ideas. Having FOX makes it easier to see all sides." — Susan

"I bought XM satellite radio for two cars so that I can always listen to FOX News regardless of which car I am in. I have a TV in the garage so I can watch FOX News while working on my cars. I have a TV in the basement so I can watch FOX News while exercising on the treadmill, too. I am a self-described FOX News junkie, and I feel like the world is leaving me behind if I do not get my FOX News fix. Congrats on 10 years! I have been hooked for six of those years, since the 2000 election!" — Jeff (North Olmsted, OH)

"Yes, I am a huge FOX Fan. Congratulations for 10 great years of sharing the news with all of us. You have the best anchors in the news world, along with the entire FOX family working behind the cameras. You are my favorite news channel, and I wish you continued success. FNC rules!" — Angie (Hawaii)

"I like the good non-biased reporting. I decide!" — Bill