Griffs Notes 10/23/06

Tomorrow is White House Radio Day and I will be there to get some of the movers and shakers at 1600 PA Avenue on the air with Brian and The Judge. It should come as no surprise that just two weeks out from a national election that the White House would go “all out” to help save the Republican majority.

Several radio shows from around the country are participating in Radio Day by broadcasting LIVE from the White House lawn and the timing couldn’t be better.

The debate over the situation in Iraq – the rise in violence in Baghdad particularly – is front and center for the American public right now. Democrats vehemently criticize the President’s poor handling of the situation and suggest his failed strategy must be changed. “Staying the course” simply won’t do anymore.

Most Republicans are running on the same issue – only they believe that Iraq is a part of the larger issue in winning the war on terror and simply can’t “cut and run.” Although a growing number of Republicans and GOP voices such as James A. Baker have distanced themselves from the President on this issue.

Republicans also want to bring attention to the soaring economy and tout their accomplishments but who can focus on DOW numbers when the front pages of our newspapers are covered with casualties in Baghdad?

This is a tough election cycle for the Republicans and even greater significance for the Democrats if they fail to come up with alternatives that the American people will support. So naturally, we’ll have some tough questions for the heavy hitters of this Administration as they try to set the record straight amidst some pretty tough times.

We’ll be talking to Counselor to the President Dan Bartlett, National Security Adviser Steven Hadley, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and “the Architect” of all things Republican – Karl Rove.

Be sure and get near a radio tomorrow between 9a-12n Eastern for a show that will go down in the history books – you don’t want to miss this one!

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