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Thanks to the many happily married couples who came to my book signing at Bennett Books last night in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Thanks as well to Bill O’Reilly for the airtime on "The O’Reilly Factor," to talk about marriage and my new book, “The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook”, which is now available everywhere (autographed copies at

Today, more real life stories as happily married people spill the beans on the secrets to a happy marriage:

E-mail No. 1

Not long ago I was headed to our local liquor store to get some gin for my hubby. I had my keys in my left hand and my right hand on the doorknob all the while telling Jud (my husband) I would be right back with his gin. Suddenly he looked at me and said, "Where is your wedding ring?" I had left it on top of the microwave so I turned right around and put it back on my hand.
I guess I must be doing something right if he's still checking on me after 30 years!
We have always been devoted to each other.
Marianne and Jud Barber
North Augusta, SC

E-mail No. 2

My wife and I were engaged to other people at the time we met at a band director's meeting. Obviously those engagements didn't last long. Over the next eight months we had two dates and saw each other about six times. We married in June of that year in a ceremony that lasted six minutes. There was no reception. After the wedding we stopped by a local convenience store and bought two Twinkies for our wedding cake. We then proceeded to the lake to meet friends and enjoy a cookout in the evening. That was 31 years ago and we still look forward to the Twinkies on our anniversary.
Our secret to this marriage is to trust God to lead in whatever we do.
Jerry Boseman
Springdale, AR

E-mail No. 3

I met my wife on an emergency leave from Viet Nam. My father had suffered a heart attack. By the time I finally got home my dad was fine. I met my future wife in a bar called the Pub, the very day I got home. 28 days later we were married and I was on my way back to Viet Nam. I was 24 and she was 20. That was 39 years ago and three kids later.
Our secret to a happy marriage is always let my wife win the argument and believe in love at first sight.
P.S. I did win two arguments 39 years ago. I complained about the way she ironed my shirts and the way she fixed breakfast. To this day, my shirts go to the dry cleaner and breakfast is served at diners.
Harold and Debbie Andersen
Longboat Key, FL

E-mail No. 4

When my husband and I were dating... He was in the Navy and I went off to college. We really had our ups and downs, but we "really" knew we would end up with each other in the long run.
My “Navy Guy” was stationed in Maine and I was going to college in Florida, so you can see the big problem here. Well, he and I both dated others. One guy that I dated was really clingy and I couldn't get rid of him. I told him that I had other interests and wanted to move on with my life, but he wouldn't leave me alone. Finally one day I came up with a brilliant idea to get this guy to leave me alone — I decided to ANNOUNCE MY ENGAGEMENT (with picture and all!), IN THE LOCAL PAPER to my Navy guy in Maine.
I was sure my Navy Guy would never see the announcement since it would be in a Florida paper, and the guy from Florida, who I couldn't dump, would see it! Well, sure enough, it was in the paper and the next day, my phone rang... "I hear we're engaged!" One of his buddies was from the same Florida town where our engagement was announced, and he got the paper delivered to him!
It worked! I didn't hear from the College Guy again, and my “Navy Guy” and I have been married forty-one years and going strong!
Elaine Bourgeois
Virginia Beach, VA

E-mail No. 5

I prayed one Christmas that I could have a boyfriend. That was all I wanted that year! I prayed that he would have dark hair and drive a pickup truck. I wanted him to play guitar, and sing really well. I wanted him to love the Lord and have a desire to serve Him with his life.
Phil and I started talking a week or two before Christmas, started dating that following January, and got married this past August. God answers prayers —- Phil was everything on my list and more, right down to the green pickup in our driveway!
God obviously answers prayers, and sometimes with a sense of humor! Who would have thought that God would give me everything on my silly list?
I think that is one of the main keys to having a happy marriage — a sense of humor! Someone once told me, "If you handle 99 percent of problems with a sense of humor, there will be no time for anger."
Phil is a 25-year-old molecular biologist and I am a nineteen year old natural blonde. We are never lacking for humor when it comes to my "blonde moments" or his theories on a drink of water being the cure for all diseases, but we use humor to quench a lot of silly fights too. Why spend your time being angry when you can laugh together instead?
So the next time I call Phil and tell him that I have a flat tire for the second time that week, I will be hoping that he heard my story on the news that morning!
Bethany Ellis

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