Fla. Baby Found at Bus Stop, Suspect Apprehended

A baby was found at bus stop in Broward County after an Amber Alert was issued in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The suspect has been aprehended, report says.

Four-month-old Mekai Brown weighs about 14 pounds and has curly hair, and was last seen wearing a yellow dress and white socks.

Detectives say Mekai may have been abducted by 15-year-old Kaniesha Black.

Police say Black had accompanied Mekai's mother to a baby-sitter's home yesterday morning before the mother's shift at a McDonald's.

Investigators say Black allegedly returned to the baby-sitter's home in the afternoon and claimed she had been told for her to pick up Mekai.

The baby sitter reportedly assumed Black was a friend of Mekai's mother, because they had been together earlier.

Police say Black is five-foot-four and was last seen wearing a tan shirt, blue cropped pants and blue shoes.