Female Teacher Arrested for Having Sex With Student

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Today news from Clayton, North Carolina, that a female teacher has been arrested for having sex with a fifth grade student, a boy who was 11 years old. This was back in 2003.

There's more. She also had an affair with the boy's father.

Thirty-year-old Rebecca Withrow was charged with a crime relating to sex with the child. Sex with the father is a freebie.

Now when we do these stories we always run the tape of Debra Lafave, the babe in the sweater who also had sex with a boy who was in one of her classes at the school where she taught. Or we run pictures of Mary Kay Letourneau, who seduced, bedded, got pregnant twice by and eventually married one of her grade school students.

But we do a disservice to this story when we only run pictures of these two.

I have a list I keep of these stories — female teachers seducing male students — and the list is more than 40 names. Way more.

It's such a mind-numbing list of chick teacher going after beardless boys the names and faces of the ladies become a blur — nothing more than a fast-moving crawl like screen credits at the movies.

There are books about this, of course. One by a psychiatrist and a psychologist called "Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation" says female pedophiles — women who desire an exclusive sexual relationship with a child — are actually very rare.

Another study shows the reason for adult women going after young boys is often because "they can create situations in which they are in control." In other words, they're not getting dumped by junior, whereas grown-up guys may not want to stick around and are less likely to submit to their control.

Whatever. Another day, another teacher taking on the boys as a special project.

I still don't get it. Somebody will write to tell me, I'm sure.

That's My Word.

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