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I am posting some pictures today from the inside of the D.C. bureau: some pics are of our greenroom, some of our make up room (including Ted getting the obligatory TV powder — yes, all men get make up except Ralph Nader … or at least I heard once that he won't wear TV make up — not sure I am right about that.) I figure it is unlikely you will ever get to see the inside of the bureau... so here is your chance.

A road show today…. to New York City. One of the reasons is that on Thursday I am a guest host on "FOX & Friends ." I will get back to my NYC apartment by midnight tonight… and I am told to be back at FOX at 4 a.m. ET. That's a bit early for me… ugh. Do the math: Even if I get to bed at midnight (which I won't), it will be a "short night." The last time I saw 4 a.m. was when I was in college (and that was not getting up early to study.) I am going to push for 5 a.m. arrival — I don't need to get there at 4 a.m. I hope I win this discussion.

The diva that I am, I have asked that the "FOX & Friends" staff be sure to have coffee available when I arrive. I will need it… badly. I also need coffee that is strong — just barely liquid. I don't need that weak stuff that looks and tastes like colored water and is not packed with caffeine. If they give me the weak stuff, Steve Doocy will have to spend the entire time poking me in the arm to stay awake and Gretchen will have to kick me. I am now wondering why I agreed to do this. It sounds fun, but with no sleep? I expect to slur my words which will only invite e-mails wondering if I was out all night drinking.

I will then grab a train back to Washington, D.C. I expect to sleep on the train since I have to work until 11 p.m. Thursday (our live show lasts until 11 p.m. of course.) I have never been a guest host on "FOX & Friends," so this is sure to be an interesting experience. I love "FOX & Friends," hence the temptation to guest host.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 — Do you think this next e-mailer, Chuck Pelto, likes me? He sure has a lot of spare time:

Dear Sir,
I never thought much of Greta in the first place, but to see that she interviewed that piece of human refuse convinces me she is nothing worthy paying any attention to, let alone pay to have work for me.
That person should be cuffed and put on a plane back to Southeast Asia to face the charges he was about to go down for when he lied about Jon Bonnet. Not treated like some sort of celeb.
And Greta should join him to do a blow-by-blow interview of his trail and incarceration. That way she won't be a bother on your Web site anymore.
Chuck(le) Pelto

E-mail No. 2 — The next two emails relate to the murder of the social worker. She went to a home with a child for a supervised visitation with the mother, the social worker was murdered — the mother, the child and the mother's boyfriend are missing now, there is an Amber Alert for the child:

Dear Greta,
Somehow, because of circumstances in my life, as well as the Elian Gonzalez affair, I have extreme prejudice for social workers who kidnap children, from their parents for any reason. If this social worker was assigned to retrieve this child, and the parents killed the social worker, in my law book it is parental self defense. Period — end of story. I wish more parents would knock off more of these governmental kidnappers, justice served with extreme prejudice.
If this social worker was killed for any other reason then get the SOBs that did it.
Very sorry for this opinion, but I must tell it like it is, and in my experience, if one of these social worker bastards ever come to my house to steal a child of mine again, or of any of my children, they are dead, dead, dead.
Michael I. Sklar

E-mail No. 3

We were just watching your report on the Amber Alert in Kentucky. We would like you to know that we have had some personal experience with the mentality in this area as it relates to the state and social services.
We recently moved to the Northern Kentucky area and have seen the hostile attitude that the authorities here have toward families. We took our newborn to the doctor and when we realized she wasn't gaining the appropriate weight, we wanted a second opinion about the treatment prescribed by the doctor and consequently, the doctor threatened us with social services. We could have provided numerous character witnesses in the raising of our other five children, and previously to this incident, the pediatrician complemented us on the extraordinary good behavior of our children. She was ready to call social services simply because we questioned the way she wanted to test the baby.
We've spoken with others here that have had similar problems. We've been told by several others, including a nurse from Cincinnati Children's Hospital that the doctors are very quick to call social services without merit.
We thought this information would be helpful to you and might lend some insight as to why this baby was taken from her mother with no history of problems. The anti-family, pro-state-control attitude in this area may be a story worth investigating.
We've never had any incident with our children that would make anyone suspect we would endanger our children. When we told the doctor that no one loves her more than we do and that we are willing to do whatever it takes to make her well because she is our responsibility, the doctor responded that our baby was her responsibility.
We are in no way condoning the actions of the woman in your story, nor do we associate our situations with hers. However, we have found that social services is very quick to take children from parents in this area and thought you'd be interested in this information, as well as provide you with insight as to how frustrated a parent can get when social services inexplicably removes children from homes.
You're welcome to use my name for direct contact, we would be concerned with openly stating this information.

E-mail No. 4

Greta, I was so embarrassed for you last night. Why in Heaven's name did you interview that idiot and his lawyer? The only thing that came out of it was that in Mr. Karr's silence, and, his lawyers interruptions, it made Karr seem more guilty. Good job.
Vito Bracciodieta (an ardent fan)
Indiana, PA

Finally, for some articles that caught my attention:

Parole debated for Manson follower Bruce Davis

Mother convicted of charges she neglected daughter

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