Bush Gets It When So Many Others Don't

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According to a new poll, a majority of Americans now believe that George Bush isn't telling all about 9/11.

This is slightly different from the one-third of Americans who believe that the 9/11 attack was a plot of the American government.

Nonetheless, it is an indicator how much people have come to mistrust and not believe George W. Bush.

If Usama bin Laden takes credit for 9/11 but a third of the country still blames Bush, that says a ton about the irrationality of the dislike for Bush and the public relations victory of the Bush haters.

A recent FOX News poll shows that 70 percent of Americans think this country will be in an all-out war against radical Islam within 20 years.

So I'm trying to figure this out.

A supermajority of Americans sees that radical Islam poses an enormous threat to us and we'll be at war. Yet the one guy who is willing to fight radical Islam no matter the political cost is vilified.

Tony Blair is going down; the Spanish government folded like a tent; the French and the Brits are making excuses for radical Islam because there are already so many in their midst.

People in this country see all this and agree that, yes, one day it's going to be a big fight, but we hate the guy who, no matter whatever else you may have to say about him, the one guy who is willing to fight radical Islam now.

People are going to say I'm a Bush toady just sucking up to him. Hey, I wasn't one of the talk show hosts invited to the White House, and I've never met the guy.

I've also said Bush is a guy who doesn't do so well with English and maybe he isn't the most prominent rocket scientist in the room, but he does get it when so many others don't.

Somebody is going to say Iraq was the wrong place and the wrong time.

Really? Then call for Saddam to be put back in charge if you liked him so much. How much more time did everybody want to give him?

The only thing more I have to say about it: I'm with the 70 percent. The question is: Now what?

That's My Word.

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